Professional High Performance Sealants

High quality TSSPRO sealants perfect for natural stone pool coping, stone patios, concrete floors and driveways, pavers, masonry, countertops, tile & much more. Filter by material to see which stone sealer is recommended for your project.

What surface materials can TSSPRO Sealant be used on?

Each TSSPRO Sealant is specifically formulated for a particular surface and type of exposure.

Sealants for Indoor & Outdoor Protection

  1. Natural Stone: Flagstone, Limestone, Slate, Travertine, Marble
  2. Concrete Pavers, Driveways, Floors, Countertops
  3. Brick & Masonry
  4. Pool Coping, Outdoor Kitchens, Fountains, Waterfalls

TSSPRO Sealant protects countertops, pool decks, courtyards, tile showers, flooring, & more. Our stone sealers are top of the line and commercial grade so you can rely on them to keep your stonework safe for years to come.

Natural & Artificial Stone



Concrete Pavers

Brick & Masonry


What Our Customers Are Saying

My flagstone patio looks amazing after I sealed it with TSSPRO-100. Even after a year of exposure to the elements and saltwater from our pool, the protective coating is still intact. I highly recommend this product for other homeowners with flagstone patios and pool decking.

James R – June 11, 2017

Wanted to say thank you again for the service, you cleaned and sealed our flagstone coping seven years ago and just as you said it would last 5-7 years and it did. We should be good to go another 5-7. thank you for the honesty.

Bill – March 11, 2012

You responded to my call for help very promptly.You went out of your way to have the flagstone sealed within a couple of days…and your crew did an excellent job. They were very careful when they sprayed as well which was greatly appreciated It was professionally done and our place was spotless when you were finished.

Jenny – October 1, 2011

The team at Texas Stone Sealers did an excellent job. We had mildew covering our siding and it looks brand new now! Thanks again and I will definitely recommend you guys to our neighbors.

Steve – April 24, 2013

Why Customers Choose TSSPRO Sealants

  1. →  Commercial Grade Quality
  2. →  Competitive Pricing
  3. →  Custom Formulas
  4. →  Quality Guarantee
  5. →  Made in the U.S.A.
  6. →  Fast Drying & Curing

Our line of high performance stone and concrete sealants are the same commercial grade blends used by the professionals, now available to the public for use in residential applications. Our stone sealers are priced competitively, and we stand by the quality of each and every one of our products.

Our line of sealants was born from feedback and recommendations made by stone care professionals back in Texas. Our boots on the ground helped create each product to address a specific need. You won’t find cheap acrylic formulas or watered-down versions of nail polish. We use only the best ingredients to ensure long-lasting protection and performance.

Custom Sealants for Natural Stone, Concrete, & Tile

Our sealants are not one-for-all; each formula was specifically formulated to protect a specific surface material, and we go one step further to customize each sealant for the environmental exposure factors. So whether you’re looking for granite sealant to protect your countertops, or a limestone sealant that can protect your pool decking from chlorine or saltwater while still allowing it to breathe, we’ve got you covered.

High quality TSSPRO sealants perfect for natural stone pool coping, stone patios, concrete floors and driveways, pavers, masonry, countertops, tile & much more. Learn more to see which stone sealer is recommended for your project.

Which Type of Sealant is Best for Limestone?

That depends on the type of limestone you’re sealing and whether it’s inside, outdoors, or used on a pool coping. But limestone sealants MUST allow oxygen to penetrate the sealant barrier so that the stone can breathe, while providing maximum coverage to the nooks and crannies in the porous surface. Without oxygen, limestone will begin to deteriorate quickly. We make two types of sealant that are appropriate for finnicky limestone:

One of our favorite limestone sealers is TSSPRO 200. It’s ideal as a lueder’s limestone sealer, providing deep penetration and unparalleled protection to the porous stone.

TSSPRO 700CS is our best limestone sealer for ultimate protection, especially if you’re concerned about water penetration, mold growth, mildew stains, or fire damage. That’s right, it’s waterproof and fireproof! While it works well on lueders, it’s also recommended for Austin stone (a.k.a. Austin limestone).

Which Sealer is the Best for Sealing Concrete?

That depends on where the concrete is installed, and what type of exposure it will get. There are also several good concrete sealers based on what type of finish you prefer:

The original TSSPRO-100 is a strong multi-purpose formula, perfect as a concrete sealer but also suitable for most types of natural stone like flagstone and slate.

If you prefer a high gloss finish, TSSPRO-400 is a good option, and TSSPRO-300 is a good semi-gloss choice.

If you’re looking for the ultimate protection, TSSPRO-700CS is our fireproof sealant that creates an impenetrable waterproof barrier. This sealant prevents mold, mildew growth, water damage, and discoloration.

Does Ceramic Tile need to be sealed?

No, both ceramic and porcelain tiles do not usually need to be sealed because of their dense glaze coating. Grout surrounding tile should always be sealed though. Both sanded and un-sanded grout are susceptible to staining and water impregnation. Use a good quality grout sealer specifically formulated for indoor or outdoor applications. We recommend TSSPRO-100, and TSSPRO700CS for areas that need extra protection.

Bathroom, backsplash, and floor tile grout should be sealed after installation and periodically checked for touch-up needs. Natural stone tiles, or porous, unglazed manmade tiles, should always be sealed after installation along with binding grout or mortar.

Unglazed tile needs sealer, whether man-made or cut from stone it should be sealed to protect it from damage.

Is there a waterproof sealant to prevent mold or water damage?

Yes, TSSPRO-700CS is waterproof sealant ideal for blocking moisture, mold, algae, and subsequent stains. It offers ultimate protection, and is fireproof. 700CS can be used to protect drywall, stone, concrete, wood, and many other surfaces from water damage by creating an impenetrable waterproof barrier but allowing oxygen to cross (helping the surface breathe). Your drywall, deck, flooring, studs, and trim will be protected against from water damage and mold in the future.

Can sealers prevent crumbling stone and erosion?

Yes, a very specific type of sealant that industry pros call densifiers or consolidator treatments can prevent further erosion and chipping. We recommend our TSSPRO-600 densifier consolidator treatment to stop crumbling stone in its tracks.

This stone sealant formula is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, and can even be applied underneath another kind of stone sealant if, for example, you wanted to follow up the stabilizing treatment with a high gloss stone sealer finish.