Advanced Cross Linking Technology

TSSPRO offers the most advanced sealants available on the market. We produce these highly-durable sealants ourselves because we got tired of scraping off other poor-quality sealants. Our sealants do what others can’t. If you want a sealant that makes your stone look better, last longer, and prevents moisture from penetrating then TSSPRO sealants are the right choice.

These sealants were developed using the most trusted chemical formulas. Other sealants will claim they are the “best” but can never reach the heights of our sealants. TSSPRO sealants use advanced cross-linking technology or to prevent water, bacteria, and fungi from collecting on your natural stone.

Cross-Linking Technology in Our Sealants

Cross-linking technology

From pool coping to driveways, will improve your natural stone.

TSSPRO sealants take advantage of cross-linking technology, but that doesn’t tell you why our sealants are so much better. The term “cross-linking” is a term commonly used in chemistry. Cross-linking refers to the action of polymer chains linking to one another. It is nano-scale bonds like these that create a powerful connection.

The polymer chains within our sealants will attach to the molecular structure of the natural stone. Once connected, the bonds develop a durable matrix that prevents moisture. Other sealants are unable to provide such a bond, and so the length of effectiveness is significantly less. helps lengthen the silicon-oxygen bond between the stone and sealant.

When you apply our sealants to your natural stone, concrete, or grout, you’ll notice the repelling effect it has. You may see the water bead, but that is not the best test for the sealant. Instead, the best way to test water resistance is to check the coloration of water when it hits the stone. If the water darkens when it hits the surface, then it is soaking into the stone. Successfully sealed stone will keep the water the same color or be clear.

Cross-Linking Technology Benefits

There is a whole slate of benefits for those who use our sealants. One of the best benefits you will get when using TSSPRO sealants is a better-looking stone. It doesn’t matter what kind of stone surface you apply our sealant. Driveways, patios, pool copings, and sidewalks will stand out because they are brighter than before.

beading water on stone

Cross-linking technology prevents water from entering your stone.

Another great benefit of our sealant is a longer life. Weather such as rain can significantly affect the look and life of a stone surface. Our sealants use to create a preventative bond. Moisture will be repelled, which leads to longer-lasting stone. No other sealants can compare to our exceptional, proprietary products.

Since moisture is repelled with , unwanted discolorations like mold, algae, and fungi are prevented from growing. You will no longer have to spend time and money, removing unsightly features from your stone. TSSPRO has sealants that inhibit the growth of these ailments on stone.

Finally, one benefit anyone can enjoy is that our sealants save you money. Maintaining the look of stone is not cheap, but TSSPRO makes it easy. Our sealants last longer because of cross-linking technology. Longer-lasting sealant means you do not have to reseal as often, and unwanted discoloration is kept off your stone. Save money and time with TSSPRO sealants, a premium stone seal.

Buy the Right Sealant the First Time

The benefits of using our advanced sealants are outstanding. Cross-linking technology dramatically affects how our sealants work. Purchase the right kind of sealant the first time, so you don’t have to waste more money and time later. Get in touch with us today by calling (888) 958-0556. You can also visit our online store for the full catalog of TSSPRO sealants.