Cleaning: The 1st Step of a Perfect Sealant Application

Posted on July 19, 2019 by TSS Pro Sealants

We spend a lot of time talking about our superior-quality stone sealants, for good reason. But to be fair, our cleaning solutions deserve some attention, as well. In fact, your sealant application won’t last without the proper pre-treatment of your stone, no matter how excellent the product. Thus, we made sure to put as much effort into producing the perfect stone cleaner as we did into creating the best stone sealant on the market. And we bring to you TSSPRO 10C, our concentrated descaler/cleaner for concrete, masonry, limestone, and more.

Sealing without cleaning your stone first is a waste of money!

When Would You Use TSSPRO 10C?

This concentrated sealant is not intended for general use. Instead, you should use TSSPRO 10C if you need to remove deposits from your exterior or exterior stone, slate, and tiles. This fast-acting product effortlessly removes efflorescence, rust deposits, lime deposits, hard water residue, oil stains, and more. Use this product before you seal your stone or tile to ensure that dirt and grime have been completely eliminated from the stone’s surface. This allows for a perfect sealant application that truly binds with the material. When you thoroughly clean your stone with a product capable of removing years of stains and deposits, you can be confident that you’ll get the greatest lifespan out of your sealant application.

When you follow up this top-notch sealant with one of our excellent stone sealants, such as TSSPRO 200, you’ll have the most secure sealant application possible.

What If I Need A General Cleanser?

We also offer a general cleaner, TSSPRO 15N, for stone that has been previously cleaned with TSSPRO 10C. This phosphate-free solution restores the proper pH level to your stone prior to sealing. Furthermore, this product prevents contaminants from redepositing onto the cleaned surface. You can also use TSSPRO 15N to remove dirt and grease from brick, tile, stone, and masonry with ease.

If your stone is currently untreated, we recommend that you seal your stone with one of our sealants. Due to the extremely repellent properties of our stone sealant, you will practically eliminate the need for a cleanser. At most, all you’ll usually need to do is wipe or spray down your stone with water. Any substances on the stone will easily roll right off.

TSSPRO 100 Concrete Brick Sealer Natural Finish

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Clean Your Stone Before You Seal!

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