Crosslinking NANO

TSSPro Sealants has quality specialty stone sealers that use Crosslinking NANO technology. Natural stone surfaces can turn a great home into a stunning one. However, you must maintain these stone surfaces to preserve the aesthetic they provide your home. Allowing them to deteriorate hurts the look of your home and can incur costly repairs. 

We provide homeowners, business owners, and contractors alike the best sealers for their unique stone surfaces. Whether you need something for color enhancement or for strengthening your surfaces, we have it all. Moreover, all of our products are infused with Nano CrossLink Technology, making them unique products and even more long-lasting. 

We began making specialty sealants after noticing subpar sealants out there. Your home deserves the best, so we aspire to give you a sealant that suits your needs. TSSPro Sealants is based in Houston, but we can deliver our spectacular products to anyone in the country. Please call (888)-958-0556 to inquire about our effective sealants. 

There has never been a better time to get Crosslinking NANO Technology sealants. 

Crosslinking NANO

TSSPro Sealants uses Crosslinking NANO Technology to give you the most effective specialty sealers out there.

What is Crosslinking NANO Technology?

TSSPro Sealants is offering innovative solutions and quality sealers to protect your natural stone surfaces. Crosslinking NANO Technology is an ingenious use of chemistry to create the most effective sealants on the market. These chemical processes occur when you properly apply one of our sealers to a stone surface in your home. 

More specifically, Crosslinking is the process when molecules from the sealant attach themselves to the molecules of your stone. As a result, they create intense bonds that effectively repel water from the substrate. Sealants from large retail stores don’t use this technology. Therefore, you won’t get this level of protection from big box sealers. 

Additionally, it’s our use of this molecular technology that makes our products unique and long-lasting. We understand the advantage of this chemical process and how it benefits your home’s stone surfaces. So, if you want high-quality sealants that last longer and cater to your stone’s specific needs, give us a call! TSSPro Sealants has products for your outdoor pool areas, deck, and driveways. 

Homeowners with outdoor stone surfaces or features, such as flagstone, limestone, and concrete, need our products. Depending on where you live, the weather can take a significant toll on your surfaces’ quality. For example, UV light during the summer and saltwater erosion can weaken stone surfaces. Porous stone, especially, is more susceptible to water impregnation. 

Furthermore, we have products that cater to a wide variety of stone surfaces. It doesn’t matter if you want to strengthen your limestone or wish to enhance your flagstone surfaces’ color. We’ll always have a product that works best for you. Using our products helps lengthen the life of your stone surfaces for years. 

Crosslinking NANO

Many of our products are resistant to pool chemicals!

Long-Lasting And Unique Sealants

If sealants from commercial retail stores aren’t getting the job done, consider our products. Not all man-made and natural stones are the same. Over time specific stones will be more susceptible to certain problems. For example, some stones are denser and others more porous. Additionally, water impregnation, mold, and erosion play a significant factor in your surfaces’ wear. 

As previously mentioned, we take advantage of Crosslinking NANO Technology. Our sealants undergo a chemical process that targets molecules in your stone to develop hard-to-break bonds. You can expect our sealers to work at a microscopic level to preserve your stone surfaces’ look and strength. As a result, you will have an easier time maintaining your surfaces. 

Furthermore, TSSPro Sealants offers an extensive selection of specialty sealers. You can expect each one of our sealers to be infused with cutting-edge Crosslinking NANO Technology. So, if you have an issue with efflorescence, mold, stains, we will have a sealer for your specific case. Not only that, we have both water-based and isopropyl-based sealers. 

Many sealers out in stores have a “one size fits all” approach to helping you. However, our experience shows the best way to help homeowners is with sealers that do a specific job. As previously mentioned, not all stone surfaces are the same. Consequently, it wouldn’t make sense for a sealant that works for every situation and every surface. Additionally, using an inferior sealer can damage your surfaces even further. 

Lastly, there are many sealers in stores that aren’t isopropyl-based. Our sealers go more in-depth than traditional stealers. In turn, you get a sealant that does more for your home. Besides that, we make sure our products are green-friendly. Our products are also VOC compliant.

Crosslinking NANO

Our sealers can rejuvenate your outside stone surfaces.

High-Quality Special Sealants | TSSPro Sealants

TSSPro Sealants are pioneers in the sealant industry. As a result, we want you to get experience the benefits our sealers can provide you. One of the best ways to do so is by considering the TSSPro Sample Pack. This pack allows you to pick two sealers of your choice and try them out. As a result, you can witness first hand how our sealers protect stone surfaces around your home. 

Are you looking for a sealer that can help prevent stains in your home? We have a sealant for that. Maybe you need something to prevent further flaking or discourage mold growth. Regardless of what you are looking for, our sealant experts can guide you in the right direction to discover what sealant you need. TSSPro Sealants carries sealants that are for general purpose and heavy-duty. 

Another significant advantage our sealers have is their rapid curing time. Many of our products are ready for foot traffic in approximately an hour. From flaking to reducing water penetration, our sealers are long-lasting and unique. Furthermore, we go the extra mile to combine excellent customer service and even better sealants for your outdoor stone surfaces. 

Don’t settle for inferior sealants on the market. You want the best for your home, so why would you settle for less when it comes to your stone surfaces? Our sealers work at the molecular level to form intense bonds that repel water better than generic sealants out there. You can call (888)-958-0556 to place an order or ask about which sealant you need for your home. TSSPro Sealants is proud to deliver sealants that do more for your stone surfaces; call and ask about how Crosslinking NANO Technology can help your stone surfaces.