CrossLinking Technology


Our new products with CrossLinking Technology can come in handy in the coming months. With winter appearing, your home’s and/or business property’s stone surfaces will become more exposed damage caused by the season’s harsh weather. While it’s true that we have several months still to come before winter arrives, it’s never a bad idea to prepare for what’s to come. While some people will use the last season of the year to sip on hot cocoa, skiing, and build snowmen, other (adults), have to worry about driveways covered in snow, black ice, frozen roads, and potential damage happening to their precious outdoor stone surfaces.

Winter season affects all-natural stones to a certain degree. Overall, winters in the United States have weather that averages to about 33.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Some tiles are better suited to handle this type of weather, and others are affected more severely. Cold weather can have various effects on your natural stone, which is why it’s important to protect it with the right type of sealant. TSSPRO Sealants, with CrossLinking Technology, have a wide range of products that you can use for your home or business.

Advanced protection

Here at TSS PRO Sealants, we have creates a line of products that offer true high-quality protection. Our tile sealants are the most effective around thanks to the advancements we’ve made in the engineering of our products.

CrossLinking Technology

TSSPRO Sealants take advantage of cross-linking technology, and this is a big part of why our products are the best around. The term “cross-linking” is more commonly used in the field of chemistry. It refers to the action of polymers that are connected through nano-scale bonds that create very powerful connections

The polymer chains within our sealants attach to the molecular structures of the natural stone. Once they are connected, the bonds develop a durable matrix that helps protect against moisture. Applying our types of sealants is a great way of offering great protection to your grout, concrete, or other types of natural stone

Stone sealing and crosslinking products

Many of our clients are homeowners that have just recently installed new grout tiles, and several of them ask about the need to protect their new natural stone surface. The answer is always the same. If you want to get the most out of your stone surface and keep it looking brand new for longer, you should definitely invest in our sealing products.

Keep the brand new look for longer

Your grout will become water-resistant once it is sealed properly, this explains why people who hang out and often drink on their natural stone are interested in our products, as they are probably familiar with the act of spilling stuff on the tile. Once properly sealed, the grout becomes less susceptible to damage and discoloration.

If you choose not to seal your grout, spills can become hard-to-clean stains. And while it’s true that bleach will help you remove other types of stains, there are still some types of stains that just can’t be cleaned off completely. Sealing your natural stone can help reduce stains and offer overall protection against spills.

Control growth of mold and mildew

Every homeowner knows that mold and mildew will grow areas that are warm and damp. Our heavy-duty grout sealers are very good at keeping moisture away and stopping liquids from seeping into the grout. One thing you should know is that mold and mildew won’t grow on grout if there is no moisture. Homeowners love hearing this because they don’t have to keep scrubbing mold and mildew out.


Application process

Once the installation of your new grout tile is completed, homeowners should make sure they seal the stone surface properly. However, you should not do this right away. Before applying any product, make sure you give the surface enough time to cure completely. Once the grout dries completely, a penetrative sealer will definitely be of great use.

Grout is a cement-based product, and this makes it a porous material. This means that the natural stone lets liquids seep through when not cleaned up right away. As such, sealing your grout is as integral as proper installation. When you complete the sealing of your grout surface, you’re reducing the effects of spills and outdoor conditions. You’re also going a long way in extending the brand new appearance of the stone.

Technical benefits

Clients come to us asking for repellents, impregnators, protectants, and other terms they use to describe our natural stone sealants. All of our products provide long-term benefits that will help you keep your outdoor area looking clean and beautiful. Moreover, these products protect against the effects of mother nature, regardless of the environment. Our products are extremely helpful for projects with brand new tile applications, challenging environments, and customer expectations.

Lower maintenance costs

Using effective stone sealants on your stone surfaces can greatly reduce the amount of maintenance your natural stone will need. With that said, sealants with CrossLinking Technology will not make your stone surface maintenance-free. You will still have to keep up with the well-being of your stone surface and reapply an effective sealant whenever needed. Regardless of effective sealing, stone surfaces will still get dirty at times. However, the cleaning process will way easier. Just think about it as if you were treating your carpet, you wouldn’t stop vacuuming altogether after that one treatment.

Save money in the long-term

One of the biggest reasons homeowners invest in stone sealants are is saving money. Everyone wants to save money, and why not do so continually by avoiding the need for high-cost repairs. Financially speaking, choosing to protect your grout with effective stone sealants is the right move. Doing so will end up costing less overall when compared to all the costs of ignoring the surface and paying for major repairs later on.

Choosing against sealing your grout can lead to cracks, discoloring, and hardening, all of which will make it more difficult to clean. Additionally, you’re going to have to replace it more frequently, costing you much more in the long-run.


Heavy-Duty Grout Sealer TSSPRO25

Our newest grout sealer is the TSSPRO 25, which we sell in quarts as a specialty sealant. This sealant is the perfect choice for heavy-duty protection. It is a water-based, natural look, penetrating repellent that helps and should be extremely helpful with winter nearing. This liquid repellant will help with:

  • Keeping brand new grout look for longer
  • Protecting from soils, water, and oil-based stains
  • Making the cleaning process much easier
  • Can be applied to sanded and unsanded grout

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