Don’t Let Your Limestone Face These Issues

Posted on October 10, 2019 by TSS Pro Sealants

When it comes to your limestone, it’s essential to keep it clean and properly sealed. When you don’t, your limestone can face potential dangers such as weathering, erosion, and much more. Learn how to prevent these outcomes from ruining your limestone floors; let TSS Pro Sealants show you how to keep your flooring fresh and provide the products to avoid limestone deterioration.

Common Limestone Issues

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Common Limestone Flooring Issues

Limestone is a common stone used for flooring and counters due to its aesthetic and nature-look. It’s soft and porous and comes in a variety of types. So whether you have marble or some other kind, these issues can all affect you.


Chemical weathering can cause severe damage to limestone-based surfaces. This is because limestone contains calcium carbonate, a mineral that quickly reacts to rainwater. When limestone surfaces are often exposed to the chemical in the rain, the limestone surface begins to show signs of deterioration. TSS Pro offers the right tools and products to weatherproof your limestone areas, so you don’t have to deal with fading surfaces.


With deterioration, decay is soon to follow. Our products also act to prevent saltwater erosion in addition to weatherproofing your surfaces. Airborne abrasives can also slowly chip away at your limestone surfaces, something our protection can avoid.


Known more commonly as “discoloration,” this issue can be caused by a multitude of sources. When limestone suffers from prolonged exposure to certain oils, inks, dyes, animal droppings, or teas and leaves, it leaves an uneven look, which alters the color. To avoid this, cleaning the limestone often with the right cleaning supplies is necessary. And TSS Pro offers just the right products.


Limestone already has a brittle and soft structure to it, so crumbling is the most crucial problem you may face with your limestone surfaces. Your best chance is to simply catch the signs of crumbling limestone and use the proper tools to fix it before it’s too late. TSS Pro provides everything you need to prevent crumbling, so you can enjoy your limestone floors and walls for longer.

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