Driveway Sealer

Finding a driveway sealer that offers long-lasting protection isn’t always easy. However, TSSPro Sealants has the solution you’ve been looking for. Our high-quality line of sealants is suitable for use on exterior and interior surfaces and will ensure they stand the test of time. Whether your surfaces are porous or non-porous stone, know that TSSPro Sealants will keep them in great condition for years to come.

Natural stones are highly popular for a range of residential and commercial surfaces. This is due to their beautiful appearance. However, if you want your surfaces to stay looking beautiful, you need to stay on top of maintenance. Many natural stones are susceptible to staining, dirt, and algae growth. Others are susceptible to more extreme forms of wear and tear, such as crumbling, spalling, and deterioration.

If you’re looking to prevent any of these additional issues from happening to your surfaces, call TSSPro Sealants today. Our products have been engineered to provide long-lasting and effective protection. So, no matter what issues your surfaces are facing, we can help protect them against further damage.

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driveway sealer

Ensure your driveway stands the test of time by applying a TSSPro Sealant.

Driveway Sealer

As an exterior surface, driveways face their fair share of wear and tear. Of course, there are several natural stone types, and not every driveway is made from the same stone. Some of the more popular options include Limestone, Concrete Pavers, and Bluestone.

As every stone type faces its own concerns, you’ll need a sealant that combats those specific issues. If you’re unaware of what can affect your surfaces, keeping them in good condition can be difficult. However, TSSPro Sealants make it easy for you to care for your surfaces. Our specialty sealants not only offer protection against the elements, but they will keep them cleaner for longer too.

Without a sealer, weekly cleaning and maintenance will be needed to keep your surfaces looking good. However, with a sealant, you will find that care becomes much more manageable. Our team here at TSSPro Sealants offers a range of solvent-based and water-based sealants for your convenience.

Limestone Driveways

Many sealants in our line are suitable for use on Limestone surfaces. Limestone is highly susceptible to many concerns, and depending on the location of your surfaces will depend on how much they are affected. Common Limestone issues include mold, algae growth, and staining. Moreover, as a porous stone, Limestone is highly susceptible to erosion.

With all these common issues, the best way to protect your driveway is by sealing it. Of course, you shouldn’t just use any sealant on the market. The TSSPro Sealants are the best product to ensure your surfaces stand the test of time. We understand that our sealants are pricier than most. However, you won’t find better value for your money.

It’s not uncommon for stone sealers to chip and peel just months after application. Additionally, sealants have been known to leave a yellow hue on the stone’s surface, reducing its curb appeal. This is something you won’t find with TSSPro Sealants. Our products have been engineered to outlast and outperform other sealers. Moreover, our sealants will enhance the look of your stone. Whether you prefer a matte finish or a gloss finish, TSSPro Sealants has the driveway sealer you need.

Our team highly recommends the following sealants for use on Limestone driveways: the TSSPro 100WB, TSSPro 300, TSSPro 600, TSSPro 750, and finally, the TSSPro 950. To discover the many benefits of these products and how they can protect your driveway, contact our team today.

driveway sealer

The TSSPro 100WB is one of many options when you need a high-quality driveway sealer.

Bluestone Driveways

Bluestone is a highly popular choice for many interior and exterior surfaces. It is an incredibly dense stone making it resistant to cracking. However, this doesn’t mean that your Bluestone surfaces can be left unsealed. Exterior Bluestone surfaces will endure exposure to wind, rain, and UV rays from the sun. As this stone type is highly susceptible to weathering, it can quickly look worse for wear.

Moreover, Bluestone is vulnerable to acidic chemicals and saltwater. Consequently, you need to seal this stone type if you want it to remain in great condition. TSSPro Sealants offers a wide range of options to keep your Bluestone driveway safe against the elements.

Our TSSPro 100WB is just one of many great options and leaves a matte finish on your stone. It seals and protects against saltwater erosion, harsh UV rays, and pool chemicals, making it a perfect choice for your Bluestone surface.

Other options for Bluestone driveways include our TSSPro 500 and TSSPro 700. Both of which protect against a plethora of concerns from algae growth to efflorescence.

Concrete Paver Driveways

Concrete pavers are another popular option for driveways. Like Bluestone, concrete surfaces are resistant to cracking. Yet, they are highly vulnerable to staining. As such, it’s important you seal your pavers to ensure they retain their beautiful appearance. Efflorescence presents another issue for concrete pavers, making the TSSPro 100WB a great choice for these surfaces.

driveway sealer

Call our team and find the right sealant for your stone surfaces.

Other sealant options include our TSSPro 300 and TSSPro 650. The TSSPro 300 offers a low sheen finish and easy application. Moreover, you can apply this sealer with a brush, roller, or pump spray bottle for your convenience. Like the rest of our line, this sealer dries rapidly and will be ready for vehicle traffic in two hours. As such, it is a perfect option for your driveway.

Our TSSPro 650 is slightly different from our other products. This sealer was designed to prevent future deterioration of your stone surfaces. If your driveway has suffered from decay and weathering, the TSSPro 650 is the solution for you. This driveway sealer will also protect your surfaces against saltwater erosion and acidic rain. Additionally, once cured, your driveway will be water-resistant.

The TSSPro sealants are environmentally friendly and VOC compliant. With that in mind, they are safe for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. If you’re looking for the best sealants for your stone surfaces, call our team today. The TSSPro range offers the most reliable sealants on the market, and your surfaces will receive long-term protection. You won’t find better products when you need a driveway sealer.