Efflorescence Removal

Have you been struggling with Efflorescence Removal? If so, TSSPRO is here to help. We have the solutions to rid your stone surfaces of salt deposits and restore their natural color. Additionally, we offer high-quality sealants that can protect your surfaces against efflorescence and many other issues that may be a concern. Speak with TSSPRO today if you’re hoping to restore your surfaces to their former glory.

Efflorescence Removal

Tackle your efflorescence concerns with TSSPRO!

If you’re unfamiliar with efflorescence, it is a powdery deposit that gets left behind on stone, brick, and other material after coming into contact with saltwater. This white-colored residue is the product of salt being left behind once the water evaporated. Unfortunately, efflorescence is a common issue many stone types face.

Preventing efflorescence is not without its challenges. However, TSSPRO is here to help. We have a range of high-quality sealants designed to help you tackle various issues your stone surfaces might face. Whether efflorescence, calcium deposits, or erosion affects your surfaces, you can rely on TSSPRO to provide the solutions.

Efflorescence can happen to brick, concrete, mortar, and stone. Although not dangerous or harmful, efflorescence can ruin the appearance of your surfaces. Here at TSSPRO, we understand that stone surfaces can be a costly investment. That is why we are dedicated to providing solutions that truly work. Speak with our team today to see how we can help with your Efflorescence Removal.

Efflorescence Removal

The most common place to find efflorescence is on stone surfaces or brick near a swimming pool. For example, you may have noticed a layer of white powder on your patio or pool coping. Getting rid of efflorescence is not as challenging as you may think. However, with preventative measures, it will just keep returning. That is why TSSPRO not only offers a cleaning solution, we also have a range of sealants to protect against future efflorescence.

Our TSSPRO 10 is here to help you deal with Efflorescence Removal effectively, and our specialty sealants will protect your surfaces for years to come. In addition to efflorescence, our sealants can protect your surfaces against mildew, staining, erosion, and weathering. However, before applying one of our sealants, you must first restore your stones to their natural look.


Our cleaning solution can be used on several surfaces, from limestone to concrete to masonry. In addition to ridding your surfaces of efflorescence, our TSSPRO 10 effectively removes the following:

  • Rust deposits
  • Lime deposits
  • Oil stains
  • Hard water deposits
  • Common green and black algae
  • red clay stains
  • and so much more!

It’s important to note that our cleaning solution can not be used on polished surfaces. Additionally, as it is designed to clean your surfaces, this product has a level of acidity to it. Which, if left untreated, can damage your surfaces which is the last thing we want. That is why we have also created our TSSPRO 15.

Efflorescence Removal

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This neutralizing rinse is meant as a follow-up product to our TSSPRO 10. Its purpose is to restore the pH balance in your surfaces to ensure no acidic damage occurs. In addition to preventing acid damage, our TSSPRO 15 also adds an extra level of protection for sealing your surfaces.

Finally, this product can also be used as an alkaline cleaner for soil removal. To learn more about this product and how to use it with our TSSPRO 10, call TSSPRO today.

Protect Your Surfaces From Efflorescence

TSSPRO offers a range of sealants for a variety of common surface concerns. With that in mind, we have several products to protect your surfaces against efflorescence. Our TSSPRO 100WB, TSSPRO 500, and TSSPRO 600 are all excellent choices. All three of these products specialize in efflorescence prevention and offer matte finishes to enhance your stone’s natural color.


Efflorescence is just one of many concerns that come with owning stone surfaces. With that in mind, our sealants offer protection against a range of other issues. Our TSSPRO 600, for example, is a water-based solution that offers protection against acid rain and also offers weatherproofing.

Additionally, this specialty sealant uses cross-linking technology to strengthen stone and ensure the longevity of your surfaces. Like all of our sealants, our TSSPRO 600 reaches deep below the surface to offer maximum protection. As a result, it gets into every crack and crevice of your surface, reinforcing any weak points as low as 10 inches deep.


Our TSSPRO 500 offers color enhancement properties to bring out the natural tone of your surfaces. Additionally, it offers weatherproofing technology and prevents UV damage. Other common concerns that this sealant addresses include saltwater erosion and protection against chemicals.

What’s more, this sealant has a rapid drying time and will be ready for foot traffic in as little as two hours. Unfortunately, our sealants will eventually lose effectiveness over the years. However, when that time comes, we make it easy to re-seal your surfaces. Our TSSPRO 500, in particular, offers five years of protection before needing attention.

For more information about the longevity of our products, call TSSPRO today.

Efflorescence Removal

Utilize our expert products if you’re looking for effective Efflorescence Removal.


Pool chemicals and saltwater erosion will no longer be a cause for concern when you utilize this product. Additionally, it offers weatherproofing and protection against efflorescence. Much like our TSSPRO 600, this sealant has a water base and provides a matte finish. It can also protect your surfaces against harmful UV rays, making it a perfect choice if you live in a hot climate.

Many of our sealants offer a rapid drying time, and our TSSPRO 100WB is one of them. After application, your surfaces will be ready for foot traffic in a couple of hours, and the formula of this product will ensure yellow staining never occurs. What’s more, when it comes time to re-seal your surfaces, you won’t have to worry about stripping the old layer of sealant, making it not only effective but efficient too.

Call TSSPRO today to learn more about this and our many other products. Our sealants offer protection for indoor and outdoor surfaces and combat a range of concerns about owning natural stone surfaces. You won’t find more effective solutions for Efflorescence Removal; call today!