Flagstone Sealants

Are you currently looking for Flagstone Sealants? If so, you should definitely contact the experts here at TSS PRO Sealants. We provide top-quality natural stone sealants for all types of stone surfaces. Our products protect a wide range of stone surfaces.

Why You Need Flagstone Sealants

Sealing a flagstone patio or flooring with a quality sealant creates a waterproof barrier, but allows the stone to breathe. When applying effective sealants to your flagstone, you’re taking major steps in preventing staining, discoloration, and erosion for many years to come.

If you have a flagstone pool coping or tiles surrounding your pool decking or patio, then you’ll definitely want a flagstone sealer that prevents chlorine damage and is saltwater proof. The TSSPRO-100, the standard in Flagstone Sealants, is an ideal choice for dense flagstone and Arizona stone around pools.

For pool coping, decking, or flooring in a wet area made up of porous flagstone, and you’ll need a sealant. Specifically, you’ll need one designed to protect it from salt water and chlorine. Just think about it, pool coping, pillars, caps, and pool deckings made up of flagstone are constantly exposed to harsh chemicals, water, foot traffic, and-or saltwater, to add to the sun and rain.

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Water-resistant Sealants for all your stone surfaces

There are several types of surfaces that need to be sealed, such as sandstone, Arizona Stone, Quartzite, Travertine, Slate, Basalt, and Bluestone. In order to protect these porous natural stone tiles, it’s highly recommended that you use the best stone sealants available. For the best Flagstone Sealants around, reach out to the stone sealing professionals at TSSPRO Sealants.

Once your flagstone has been treated with our top-of-the-line sealants, you’ll find that the cleaning and maintenance will become straightforward and simple. By sweeping flagstone paving regularly, you’ll help keep it free of debris and dirt. If something is spilled on your flagstone, say, for example, juice, oil, or a harch or acidic liquid, you’ll be able to immediately wipe it clean without any problems. Keep in mind, flagstone cleaning is an essential part of general maintenance for a stone’s health and beauty.

Protect Your Investment

Your outdoor decor is a major investment on your part. Stone surfaces like concrete, tile, limestone, flagstone, and similar types need proper maintenance and protection to maximize their longevity.

Fortunately for you, our flagstone maintenance professionals provide comprehensive cleaning, sealing, and restoration products for both outdoor and indoor stone surfaces.

If your stonework is suffering from spalling, eroding, cracking, and sanding, then we recommend the TSSPRO-600 Densifiedr Consolidator Treatment to stabilize stone before any type of stone cleaning service. Generally speaking, flagstone should be resealed every three to four years, depending on the type of finish and quality of the stone.

Advanced Cross-Link Technology

Here at TSS PRO Sealants, we only offer the most technologically advanced products for natural stone sealing. Our sealants are excellent for preventing water from penetrating your stone, consequently helping them last longer. Waterproofing and stain-proofing lengthen the life of stone while also helping keep its attractiveness.

In addition, it also keeps the bacteria and mold out of these areas that could cause damage down the line. Our sealants create a powerful barrier against moisture intrusion through Cross-Linking Technology or CLT.

Our team of sealing experts developed these proprietary sealants because of our frustration with underperforming sealants on the market. All in all, you be sure that you won’t find better Flagstone Sealants anywhere else.

Flagstone Sealants

Flagstone Sealants

How It Works

Cross-linking is a term used in chemistry and happens when a polymer chain links to other polymer chains, in addition to the molecular chain of the stone. With these nano-scale bonds, a matrix is created, which resists moisture.

We’re proud of being able to offer the most advanced CLT sealers on the market. The silicon-oxygen backbone chain formed within our sealers ensures long-lasting effects. As a matter of fact, we offer a 7-year warranty.

With our CLT sealants, you’ll be able to prevent moisture from entering concrete, brick, grout, masonry, and natural stone. One thing to know is the term beading water. This term refers to a test that determines if the sealer is working properly.

A good way to tell if your sealant is pouring water on the stone. If the stone darkens, then it has been absorbed by the stone. This means that you’ll need a reseal. When the stone is clear or remains the same color, then the sealer is being effective.

Improving Appearance

One of the great benefits of our sealants is the fact that they make stone, concrete, and flagstone look better than ever. Moreover, our sealants are capable of creating a brighter look for clients. A more polished look makes your driveway, pool coping, patio, stand out from your neighbors.

Increase Longevity

Another great reason to make our products your go-to sealants is for long-term results. These sealants resist the effects of weathering and moisture. This benefit is great as it allows your stone to remain in good condition for many years to come.

Exclusive Products

Choosing TSSPRO Sealants is a leading stone-sealant provider with exclusive products. Our advanced technology and effective products have made us the best option around. You simply can’t find the type of products we provide anywhere else. You can rest easy knowing that you’ll be getting products of the highest quality around.

Easy Application

Damage Stone Restoration

Protect Your Stone Surfaces Today!

While other types of sealants may be difficult to deal with, ours are not. We make the application process as straightforward as possible. We want to make you’re able to use the product in the best manner possible.

Long-Lasting Protection for All Stone Surfaces

One thing that you can be sure of when you choose TSSPRO Sealants is that we don’t cut any corners. With premium products to help you, you’ll get the results you need. Our top-notch products and all organic sealants give clients the world-class results they deserve.

Sealant problems can hold you back from ever realizing your surface’s potential. Don’t let your stone surfaces’ look like they are 100 years old. Instead, keep them in great condition with our great products. You can reach our friendly representatives by calling (888) 958-0556. Additionally, you can learn more about our services by visiting our Blog or About us webpages.