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Floor Sealants

Finding a professional and reliable Floor Sealants can be tough. With so many different contractors and products out there, it can be difficult to tell which are the best choices, and why. TSS PRO Sealants has broken into the field with a product that revolutionizes sealers.

TSS Pro 100, our first recipe, came about because of a need for change. We’ve had the unfortunate experience of scraping and chemically removing more low-quality acrylic sealant than we’d like to admit. Finally, we’d had enough of the same poor-quality products.

With over 15 years of business under our belt, we have seen many products come and go. If you want a better product that does not exist, you have to make it yourself. That is precisely what TSS PRO Sealants did.

Our product is versatile, professional, heavy-duty, and powerful. The difference between TSS Pro and other name-brand sealants is that ours was developed using formulas that we know work. We stand by our products because we know our products offer protection for years.

TSS PRO Sealants is a pioneer of the industry. We have created a product that reflects our standard and professionalism. We confidently stand behind our products, and we guarantee you’ll receive the results you’re looking for.

Floor Sealants

Floor Sealants

Premium Exterior Floor Sealants

There are many benefits that can come from having your floor professionally sealed. Professionally sealing your floor can prolong its life, as well as its beauty. High traffic areas of the home are prone to age much faster than areas of the home with less foot-traffic.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most likely places to encounter spills. Over time, dirt, scratches, and general build-up become present. Having small children and animals is also an additional factor to consider. Sealing floors protects against those hard to remove spills and scratches. Thus, cleaning becomes simplified. Our floor sealing service comes with a five year written guarantee, and estimates are free.

Different types of flooring come with different needs for maintenance and upkeep. Regardless of the stone surface, we have high-quality products that can accommodate your needs. For projects such as concrete flooring, our TSS Pro 500 Clear Pro will protect them for years.

Our products can handle any projects you have. Whether you have a pool deck that needs a reliable sealant, a natural stone fireplace sealant, or more, TSS has got you covered. Anyone can say that their product is the best, but not many have the proof to back it up. We do.

Advanced Cross-Link Technology

We always utilize the most advanced technology when crafting the formula for our products. TSS PRO Sealants produces these durable sealing products that we use within our work. These sealants help your stone last longer by preventing water and other substances from penetrating it.

Cross-linking is used in chemistry. What occurs is that a polymer chain links to other polymer chains, including the molecular chain of the stone. These nano-scale bonds are potent. It is these bonds that create the result that resists moisture longterm.

In addition to this, waterproofing and stain proofing extend the attractiveness of your flooring, while also keeping bacteria and other molds out. Homeowners see this as a valuable investment because it maintains and can even add value to the property as a whole.

Because our sealants use , your stone or concrete will resist the effects of weathering and moisture. Many out there will claim that their product does the same thing, but the results and reviews speak for themselves. TSSPRO is here to stay. We consistently provide the best stone products for cleaning, sealing, and restoration needs.

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Our services produce excellent results every time.

What Makes Us Stand Out

It’s important to always check Angie’s List, as well as BBB, when it comes to contractor work. We encourage potential clients not to skip this step. Of course, many companies claim to be the best and have the best product. However, our customers consistently receive great customer service and long-lasting results.

A big reason that clients come to us is that our product saves you money. For example, two of our sealants prevent unattractive and unhealthy mold or algae from growing. You won’t have to spend more money to remove these things from your stone. These features also help keep your stone from deteriorating over time.

Other sealants require you to strip it and reseal every few years. Our product offers peace-of-mind. Our products are guaranteed to offer exceptional results every single time. Our sealant formula will save you money because you can keep an enhanced seal for longer.

Purchasing a product that flakes, chips or leaks could leave you having to spend more time and money restarting your projects. Do not settle for an inferior sealant. With us, you get what you pay for. TSSPRO is a superior, durable, and professional-grade sealant that gets the job done right the first time.

Houston TX Floor Sealer

We are VOC compliant

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