Got Stains? Use TSSPRO10 To Descale Your Stone

Posted on August 16, 2019 by Ron Marks

Generally, calcium is good for the human body. Sodium, also known as salt, is beneficial as well (to a degree). However, when it comes to the stone and masonry in and around a home or business, calcium and salt deposits do much more harm than good. Efflorescence (salt deposits) and lime buildup (calcium deposits) both indicate water damage. If left untreated, either issue can cause structural damage to the material. The stone countertops and walkways will also take on quite an unbecoming appearance.

A great way to prevent salt or calcium deposits from ruining stone is to treat the material with a high-quality stone sealant. TSSPRO offers several long-lasting products for various types of masonry. However, if the material you wish to treat already shows evidence of lime or efflorescence, you need to use TSSPRO10 first.


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What TSSPRO10 Does

TSSPRO10 is a concentrated cleanser/descaler that is specifically designed to clean pre-cast concrete, limestone, masonry, and grout. The product penetrates deep below the surface to remove stains that are primarily calcium-based. TSSPRO10 removes the calcium, efflorescence, grout haze, and join cement from most surface material. But although the product makes an excellent all-around descaler, we don’t recommend TSSPRO10 for general cleaning. The concentrated formula must be diluted depending on the severity of the stains, and shouldn’t be used on polished surfaces.


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How To Descale and Seal Stone

In order to prevent issues such as deep residue and deposits from occurring again, you should seal the stone. First, you’ll need to treat the stone with our descaler, TSSPRO10. Then, follow up with our TSSPRO15 Neutralizer. Finally, apply the TSSPRO sealant of your choice.

Our products have been used in a variety of surfaces in a wide range of settings. From half-bath countertops to award-winning hotels, TSSPRO cleansers and sealants have proved themselves to be a worthy investment. You can purchase TSSPRO10 Cleanser/Descaler online by clicking here. If you’re a contractor, you may be eligible for special pricing. Call us today at (888) 958-0556 or contact us online and we’ll help you pick the best TSSPRO product for your project.