Grout Surface Sealants

If you’re in need of Grout Surface Sealants, you’ve landed on the right website. TSS PRO Sealants is the go-to shop for stone care products. Our latest product, the TSSPRO25, is a heavy-duty sealant for grout surfaces. For more information, get in touch with our team at your earliest convenience.

When you break it down, grout is just a mixture of sand and cement. This means that unless the surface is properly sealed, grout can and will absorb water, bacteria, and stains. The purpose of stone sealers is to protect the stone surface, repelling moisture and germs. These stone sealers are a great investment for homes as they keep stone surfaces looking new and great overall.

About the TSSPRO25

Our new grout sealant is a specialty sealant for grout. It comes in quarts and will keep your grout surface looking great. This water-based, natural look, penetrating sealers can be used for sanded grout and unsanded grout and brings benefits such as:

  • Keeping grout looking new for longer
  • Protects against soils, water, and oil-based stains
  • Makes the cleaning process easier

Contact us today for more information about this professional grout sealer and order yours today.

Why Sealing Grout Matters

One thing about grout is that it’s not as resilient as other types of surfaces. This is why it’s so important to protect the surface with sealers that help protect against water, bacteria, and stains. Doing so will keep the surface looking new for much longer.

Choosing to not seal your grout surfaces will lead to problems sooner or later, as the elements and time will eventually cause some sort of damage. Common tile grout is a cement-based product that’s mixed with water onto a spreadable paste. A porous stone, grout will absorb liquids that are not cleaned up.

Our line of Grout Surface Sealants is the perfect option for protecting against water infiltration. You won’t have to worry about colored liquid stains coming from tea, coffee, and fruit juice. These types of substances leave their colors on the grout after evaporation and are deep-set stains.

How Sealants Work

Water-Repelling Sealants

Water-Repelling Sealants

Our sealants work through penetration, seeping into the stone surface, and creating protection from stain and grease infiltration. One other thing that’s important to note is that sealants are not a one-time solution, quite the opposite, sealants should be reapplied on a frequent basis. An advantage of using penetrating sealers over impregnating sealers is that they won’t affect the color on the surface, whereas their counterparts will slightly darken the color.

Epoxy Grout Exception

It’s only on rare occasions that we don’t encourage homeowners to seal their stone surfaces. With epoxy grout, there actually is no need to seal, as this is a very tough and water-resistant material. Epoxy grout is best used on particular applications. Other types of tile, such as clay and natural stone, should always be sealed prior to application.

The reason why epoxy grout doesn’t require sealants is that it actually seals itself after it dries. It does so by creating a nonpermeable barrier. Moreover, this type of grout is oftentimes used with glass and nonporous tiles and is a great help in defending against water and stains. Moreover, this material is more flexible than usual, meaning that it’s less prone to chips and cracks. This makes epoxy grout an excellent choice for areas that experience lots of rainfall.

About Our Heavy Duty Sealers

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably tired of the content scrubbing that comes with tile floors. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. TSS PRO Sealants has the best products in the market for stone surfaces. Our sealants are the best in terms of protecting against all types of stains. We stay at the forefront of the industry, thanks to continuous research and development. Keep reading to learn more about the TSS PRO Difference.

Proven Quality

Time and time again, our sealants have proven to be super effective in protecting porous surfaces. All you have to do is take a look at what our customers have to say. People love great quality, and we love providing quality products.

Cross-Linking Technology

TSS PRO offers the most advanced sealants around. After years of experience with other sealants in the market, we knew there could be better products available. After many years of disappointment in the products we found, we took matters into our own hands. Essentially, when you want stone surfaces to look as good as new and last for longer, then our quality sealants are just what you need.

Cross-linking is a term that’s commonly used in the chemistry field; it refers to the act of polymer chains linking to one another. The connections that these nano-scale bonds create are extremely powerful. These chains will actually attack the molecular structure within the stone.

After they connect, these bonds create long-lasting matrices that protect surfaces from stains and liquid penetration. Simply put, our products are the go-to choice for concrete, natural stone, and grout protection.

Grout Surface Sealants

Grout Surface Sealants

Developed by Industry Experts

Our formulas are proven to work and are exceptional at protecting stone surfaces. After becoming frustrated with some of the products we encountered, our team took matters into our own hands and created better products ourselves. Take advantage of our great sealing products. Here’s a little about what we do:

  • We use the latest grout sealing technology around
  • Ensure that oi and stains are defended against
  • Making grout surfaces easier to clean when they suffer from spills

Grout Surface Sealants

Our wide range of quality products has what customers need for great protection. Thanks to our team’s constant efforts, we have remained at the forefront of the industry for many years. Don’t settle on dull and stained stone surfaces. Instead, get the best the market has to offer and protect your stone surfaces from the elements, which can have harmful effects.

Contact one of our friendly representatives today, call (888) 958-0556. You’ll also learn more by visiting our CLT and Blog webpages. All in all, you won’t find better Grout Surface Sealants anywhere else.