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If you’re a contractor that applies sealant, you know that a large part of your reputation depends on the product that you use. Unfortunately, that means that a cheap product can all but destroy your business. Your repeat business will likely be from applying sealant repeatedly in the homes or pools of people who have no idea a superior product exists. While some contractors prefer to profit off of customer’s ignorance, that’s not a great way to do business. When you use a superior product and your work stands the test of time, word gets around. You’ll have less repeat business, but in this case, that’s a good thing. Instead, new customers will call you each day to seal their stone. You can grow your business with TSSPRO. Our high-quality sealant speaks for itself. Let our great product speak for you, as well.

stone sealants for contractors

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What Makes TSSPRO Sealants Great?

When you buy a quart or a gallon of another brand of stone sealant, you usually aren’t getting a gallon of pure sealing solution. Instead, you’re getting a jug of filler products, poor-quality acrylic, and a bit of bonding solution. As a result, your sealing jobs don’t last or can’t withstand inclement weather. Your customers end up feeling cheated, or like they wasted their money on your services. TSSPRO is free from the gunk that makes up most big-brand sealants. What you’re left with is a long-lasting, silica-dense stone sealant that you won’t have to reapply every few months. When you buy the specific sealant for the material you need to seal,  TSSPRO holds strong for years.

How To Use TSSPRO Sealants

The first step to performing the perfect sealant application is to use the best product for the job. No matter which you choose, our TSSPRO sealants will suit you better than any other sealant on the market. However, you can maximize the product’s effectiveness by applying the specific sealant for the material or location. For example, our color-enhancing TSSPRO 400 is perfect for swimming pools and landscaping. On the other hand, TSSPRO 550 is designed for kitchen use and repelling food stains. You should use the best TSSPRO product for your customer base. You can call us if you’re unsure which sealant is best for your business. You can even try our different products for yourself by purchasing our sample pack.

The next step is performing the perfect application. If you’re a contractor, you’re probably already familiar with this step. You’ll need to thoroughly remove all prior sealant before applying TSSPRO. Clean and rinse the area. Be sure to remove any oils or calcium deposits from the stone. Then, apply the TSSPRO sealant. You and your customers will enjoy the long-lasting effects of our superior products.

stone sealants for contractors

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