High-Performance Natural Stone Sealants

If you’re searching for High-Performance Natural Stone Sealants, then you’re at exactly the right website. With over 15 years of experience, Texas Stone Sealers is here to provide professional stone cleaning and sealing services to homeowners in the state. We’ve helped many homeowners around the state throughout the years, and we don’t have any plans on slowing down anytime soon. When you neglect to treat your stone’s conditions, you’re essentially ruining the beauty of your stone surfaces.

Not only that, but natural stone is porous, meaning that it will absorb spills and stains when left untreated. Simply put, the right stone and tile restoration services will help you prevent costly damages to the investments you’ve made to your home. Even more, these types of services greatly reduce the harmful effects that acid and alkaline substances can have on various types of stone.

Restoring Stone Floors

Protect you stone surfaces with Texas Stone Sealers

Protect your stone surfaces with Texas Stone Sealers

Stains like etch marks affect surfaces like marble, limestone, and travertine. Moreover, the stains are not removable by conventional cleaning or spot removal methods. Acidic substances such as orange juice and vinegar can damage surfaces like travertine, marble, and limestone, regardless of them being sealed or not. Even cleaners with a significant amount of alkaline can break down stone sealants, making the polished stone appear dull. If that wasn’t enough, this might cause you to need a complete resurfacing of the stone surface.

Slate, granite, sandstone, and other surfaces that aren’t sensitive to acid or alkaline are still very porous materials and need to be properly sealed. Doing so will buy you more time to clean up a spill, while also slowing down the chemical reaction yielding from alkaline and acid substances and the calcium carbonate in the stone. Impregnating sealers use fluorochemical to penetrate and protect stone services from inside, without leaving coating that could discolor the surface or attract dirt. When applying advanced stone sealing products, you’re taking the right steps towards long-term beauty.

The Process

Stone restoration is best left to true stone care professionals. Restoration services help bring worn and damaged marble, granite, travertine, along with other surfaces back to their best conditions. For the best restoration services around, you can depend on the experienced and professional team here at Texas Stone Sealers.

Even more, our stone restoration services can help in more ways than one, such as polishing, cleaning, and honing. These surfaces are applicable to material like marble, travertine, and limestone floors, shower walls, and more. We’re here to help, whether it’s flattening uneven stone floor tiles, restoring and enhancing colors, or protecting stone through professional sealing and polishing. Keep reading for an overview of the restoration process.


Before the initiation of any services, there needs to be an inspection step where all stone surfaces are properly evaluated. During this evaluation stage, we’ll wear patterns and damage marks. Following this stage, we’ll explain the process of restoring your surfaces to their new-like appearance.

The goal of this evaluation is to get a useful diagnosing of the issues. Moreover, we want to give our clients a snapshot of what their services could and should look like. During this thorough evaluation, we’ll also be able to determine whether you’re home needs sealing services of any sort.


Our experienced team is always ready to help homeowners in Texas. Through the use of our equipment and materials, we’ll restore your stone surfaces to their original, beautiful condition. As a leading stone sealing company, we can get you the outdoor living area you’ve been looking for.


High-Performance Natural Stone Sealants

High-Performance Natural Stone Sealants

Stone surfaces, regardless of the type, are always going to be susceptible to stains coming from sources like spills from soft drinks, coffee, and soil from foot traffic. With that being said, there are viable solutions to these issues. One way of staying on top of your stone surfaces is a proactive stone maintenance program. With these types of programs, impregnating sealants are the way to go. Here at Texas Stone Sealers, we’ve built our reputation on great High-Performance Natural Stone Sealants. Our team can maintain the protection of your surfaces, protecting them from stains and dirt.

Maintenance Programs

The best way to keep your stone surfaces protected and polishes for years to come are through long-term maintenance programs. After all, nobody wants to pay for services if the effects are going to wear off afterward. Keep in mind, chemicals that may help ceramic surfaces could damage other types of surfaces, and so on. After we finish servicing your home, we’ll do our part in educating you on the best paths towards maintaining the stone’s beauty.

Follow-Up Restoration

After your stone surfaces have been restored and sealed, there is still work to be done. You want to maintain a beautiful appearance, so taking the right steps towards that is very important. With the right stone care plan, you’ll be able to extend the improvements in appearance for many years to come. However, there are factors that could gravely impact the stone’s appearance, including on-going traffic and the unpredictability of mother nature.

The team at Texas Stone Sealers can work out a maintenance program to keep stone surfaces at their best levels for years to come. While this type of service may cost a little more, the results are absolutely worth it. In the end, you’ll keep your floors beautiful and help prevent the need for full-restoration services. After the restoration process, we’ll discuss the plan for a periodic restoration schedule.

Keys for Premium Sealant Application

Premium Sealant Application

Combining our team of stone sealing experts with state-of-the-art equipment results in top-notch services. All in all, we can service all of your stone surfaces in a professional and timely manner.

High-Performance Natural Stone Sealants

The right High-Performance Natural Stone Sealants can be of great help for you and your outdoor living area. So if you want more information, get in touch with our team at your earliest convenience. Call us today at (888) 958-0556. Our Online Store and CLT webpages can give you valuable information for you to reference. Contact the best High-Performance Natural Stone Sealants company today.