Highlighting Our Premium Sealants

Posted on May 14, 2019 by TSS Pro Sealants

When it comes to construction, or designing anything that is going to be used by people, it must be secure. The potential danger arises when there are poor quality materials used to build high caliber projects. You may have a beautiful pool, but if you spent the cheapest amount possible on your sealants, it could breakdown in months. Imagine having your project wither away before you in a matter of months — that’s just the result of bad material design. We want to show you how our products will go beyond your expectations and why our organic mixes will seal the deal for your next project!

They’re not just secure, we offer sealants for all kinds of protection!

How Our Boutique Of Sealants Compares

In order to gauge what makes one sealant better than the other, you will have to consider a few factors. The first of which will regard the make-up of the sealant and what compounds were used in its development. The range of potential issues that you could face will vary, but most will have to do with the mixing, the application, curing the sealant and finally aging.

Basic Sealants

Keep in mind that an average sealant from a department store like Walmart will require drastic work. At every stage of the process and you can be sure that it won’t come out as good. It’s going to be made with cheap and artificial materials that are probably not very safe either. The signs of age will start so much sooner than our brand, too. You will easily see the chalky cracks and tears in the sealant after mere months. It will no longer be water resistant at this point, either.

However, let’s go back to the beginning. To even use these versions you will have to mix them like a machine in order to get the blend of a decent sealant. Even the curing is going to take a long time, and that usually means non-stop attention to keep all the pieces set in place. Make no mistake, this is quite the workload.

TSS Sealants

When it comes to a high-quality sealant, it’s going to be very different. There will be a higher cost, but our clients find it’s worth every penny. Right off the bat, you will immediately recognize all of the details we mentioned above are accounted for. In fact, we ensure that these aspects will be a secondary thought. The focus for our sealants is going to be diversity.

We provide sealants that will support a wide range of terrains and activities. You could be sealing your pool and need water resistant sealant Perhaps you’re making a walkway and have to use a sealant for the particular kind of rock. All of these different aspects will have a unique sealant specifically designed for that purpose. It could be stain resistance or algae protection, we even have salt-water versions as well.

Of course, quality is a standard. We can ensure that a sealant from TSS will be far superior because, first of all, it does not require any sort of mixing. It is ready to for use from the moment you purchase it. When it comes to application, it will be a very fast job because of how quick the curing process is. A lot of issues arise during this stage for other, cheaper, sealants because of how the objects jostle and jerk whilst being set.

That’s just the luxury of artisan sealants, and you can check our selection out here!

We Offer Consultations For Clients & First Time Users!

It’s understandable if you need some help with this; Texas Stone Sealers will either be able to do this for you and also provide insight on what else must be done. We have a consultation service that can take care of all your questions or concerns if you have any. We figured you might want some tips if this is your first time using our sealants. Feel free to explore the various sealants on our website. Otherwise, seek our phone number at the bottom of the screen. We hope we can help!