How to Clean Limestone

If you have natural stone surfaces, you may be wondering How to Clean Limestone. If that is the case, contact our team here at TSSPro Sealants. For years, we have been offering quality solutions to keep your stone surfaces clean and protected. For your limestone, Travertine, and other stone surfaces, we offer only the best products designed for use on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Limestone is a highly popular choice for indoor and outdoor surfaces. However, like any other natural stone, it is prone to damage, erosion, and staining. Limestone surfaces are an incredibly costly investment. Consequently, I’m sure you’re looking to keep this investment protected for years to come. TSSPro can help you do this. We offer a range of sealants and cleaning products that will safeguard your stone surfaces against a plethora of issues.

Whether you’re looking to remove stains or prevent scratches on the surface, reach out to the expert team at TSSPro and see how we can help. If you’ve been wondering ‘How to Clean Limestone,’ call our team and find the solution you’ve been looking for.

How to Clean Limestone

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How to Clean Limestone?

TSSPro is proud to offer reliable and long-lasting solutions for keeping your stone surfaces protected. Our carefully crafted sealants and products were designed to perform a step above the rest. If you want your stone surfaces to stay in great condition or are looking to restore them, call our team today.

Cleaning Limestone can be a challenge. This is because this stone type is highly sensitive to acidic products. As such, you can’t just use any old surface cleaner. However, if you want to accomplish a deep clean, it’s not enough to just use a bucket of warm water and a cloth. Here at TSSPro, we never want your stone surface upkeep to cause you any hassle. That is why we offer quality cleaning options without the dangers of acidic cleaners.

All of our products have been specifically designed to tackle certain uses that different natural stones face. Some of these issues include algae growth, erosion, UV ray damage, weathering, efflorescence, and staining. So, which of our products is best suited to prevent damage to limestone?

TSSPro 10 – Clean Choice Cleaner Descaler

Our TSSPro 10 is a fast-acting cleaning and descaling solution. It is suitable for use on the following surfaces:

  • Limestone
  • Concrete
  • Pre-Cast Concrete
  • Grout
  • Masonry

For the above surfaces, our TSSPro10 will remove rust deposits, lime deposits, oil stains, algae (both green and black), and a whole lot more. What’s more, this product is water-based, meaning no harmful acids or chemicals will touch your stone surfaces. Here at TSSPro, we ensure all of our products are easy and convenient to use. Our TSSPro 10 is suitable for interior and exterior stone surfaces and will restore the natural look to your surface.

How to Clean Limestone

If you’ve been wondering How to Clean Limestone effectively, reach out to TSSPro today.

So, How to Clean Limestone with our TSSPro10?

Firstly, we recommend you test a small patch of your surfaces to see the results and determine the ease of use before treating your entire surface. We recommend this as our cleaner descaler can lighten and change the color of cementitious materials. Your surface must first be wet before cleaning and dried carefully to remove stains from your Limestone along with any other marks or dirt.

Out TSSPro 10 solution can be applied with a brush or sprayed onto your surface. For your convenience, it only has to sit on your surface for roughly 1 minute before it can be wiped clean. After a thorough rinse, your surfaces will look good as new!

TSSPro 15 – Neutralizing Rinse

Our TSSPro 15 has been designed to work alongside our TSSPro 10. It is a neutralizing rinse that will restore the pH balance to your stone surfaces. As it is for use with the TSSPro 10, it is suitable for the same surface materials as that product. What’s more, the TSSPro 15 is phosphate-free and environmentally responsible.

Another answer to the question: How to Clean Limestone? Our TSSPro 15. This product is incredibly effective as a cleaner and offers a gentle cleaning that the TSSPro10. Our neutralizing rinse won’t just restore the pH balance to your stone; it will also protect against acid and sealer failures. If your surfaces are left unsealed, they could be vulnerable to damage and staining. If you’re looking for a sealant, speak with our team at TSSPro. You won’t find high-quality cleaning solutions or sealants like ours anywhere else.

Limestone Sealers

After cleaning your limestone surface, I’m sure you’ll want to ensure it stays in that great-looking condition. That is why TSSPro is proud to offer a range of quality sealants. The majority of natural stones offer a beautiful colorful appearance. However, our sealants have been designed to enhance their appearance. So whether you’re looking for a matte, gloss, or wet-look finish, we have a sealant for everyone.

How to Clean Limestone

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TSSPro 100WB

Our TSSPro 100WB, our first sealant, offers a matte finish and is a water-based product. This sealant will protect your stone surfaces against efflorescence, weathering, and more. It is suitable for use on a range of outdoor surfaces such as pool coping, patios, decks, sidewalks, and more. Additionally, the TSSPro 100WB is safe for indoor surfaces such as showers and tiled floors.

Like many of our other products, the TSSPro 100WB offers many benefits. Not only does it offer easy application and quick drying time, but it won’t need to be stripped when it comes time to reseal it. Sealants, even high-performing ones like ours, lose their effectiveness over time. So when this time comes, your stone will be left vulnerable. That is why it’s important you reseal your surfaces every few years.

If you’d like to learn more about resealing surfaces and the longevity of our products, call TSSPro today. Additionally, if you’d like to know further about our cleaning products, our TSSPro 100WB, or any of the other sealants we offer, contact our team today. We will happily help you find the right product to keep your surfaces protected for years to come.

If you’ve been wondering How to Clean Limestone, call TSSPro and see how we can help you restore your stone surfaces to their former glory!