How To Prep Your Stone Before Sealing

Posted on December 13, 2019 by TSS Pro Sealants

Natural stone is always gorgeous, and it should be treated like so. TSSPRO offers a wide variety of sealants for natural stone, concrete, and grout. Contractors and DIYers may have some questions on how to apply our proprietary sealants. The process is relatively simple, but many are not sure how to prepare the stone.

The natural stone must be prepared before the seal is applied, or it may not take effect. That said, once the sealant cures, your stone will look better than ever. TSSPRO sealants increase the lifespan and look of natural stone. You will also save money by not having to reseal your stone every few years.

Preparing Your Stone

Preparing your stone for a sealant is relatively easy. There are also a few options you can take when approaching this process. We recommend purchasing a neutral PH stone cleaner and apply a few drops to the stone. If you cannot find a stone cleaner with this kind of PH level, then a mild dishwashing detergent will work. Mix it with warm water to get the best results.

do it yourself sealants

Clean your stone before applying seal to maximize results.

From there, use a clean mop to cover the surface with the cleaner. Be careful about how much cleaner you use. Too much cleaner could create a film that will affect the seal. If you are using a dishwashing detergent, then avoid products with lemon, vinegar, or other acids. Acids significantly affect stone like marble and limestone, so be sure you watch out for these features.

Finally, rinse off the surface and then dry. You can dry with a cloth or let it air dry. It is important to note that DIYers or contractors should not use scouring powders or creams. They can create scratches on the surface, which will leave an undesired look.

Purchase Your Sealant Today

Once you have adequately cleaned your natural stone, you can start sealing it with our advanced sealants. Our sealants do what other sealants can’t. They last longer, look better and prevent numerous unwanted features. Find the right kind of sealant for your stone on our online store. You may also give us a call at (888) 958-0556 for any questions you may have.