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Stone Sealing

December 10, 2019

Introducing TSSPRO 750 Algae Free

Cross-Linking Technology

TSSPRO has created this proprietary sealant because other sealants can’t compete with our formulas. Our sealants do what others can’t. The way our sealants provide longer and stronger protection is through cross-linking technology (CLT). CLT is a chemistry term and is used in reference to polymer chains attaching to each other. The polymer chains in our sealants attach to the molecular chain of the stone, which creates a strong bond.
Algae Free Sealant

TSSPRO 750 Algae Free Sealant

Cross-linking technology helps prevent moisture from penetrating the stone. If moisture such as water enters stone, then it can cause problems later. Algae, mold, and fungi thrive in damp areas, so the stone is a perfect place for these things to grow. Prevent growth using the most advanced sealants available. Clients will find TSSPRO sealants as the best option for natural stone sealants. Our sealants not only prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria, but they also make surfaces look better. Your stone will look brighter and better than before. Plus, your stone is going to last longer. The less it exposed to moisture, the better. Finally, you will save money from using our sealants. Other sealants will only last a few years. Use our sealants, so your stone withstands the elements for a more extended period. Give us a call today if you are interested in what we have to offer. You can reach us at (888) 958-0556. We also recommend you visit the product page to find more information on what our sealant can do. A single coat will make your stone look better and last longer.