Lueder Stone Pool Coping

TSSPro Sealants has the solution to protecting your Lueder Stone Pool Coping. Our team proudly offers a range of high-quality sealants designed for natural and man-made stone types. From Flagstone to Limestone to Travertine, our sealants can improve the appearance and the longevity of your surfaces.

Lueder Stone Pool Coping

TSSPro Sealants is here to protect your interior and exterior stone surfaces.

Lueder Stone Pool Coping

Lueders is a type of Limestone. With that in mind, it is a porous stone and requires special care. Limestone is a highly popular choice for both residential and commercial use. It is commonly used for patios, driveways, walkways, and pool coping. However, if you want to ensure your surfaces remain in great condition, you need to be aware of Limestone’s vulnerabilities.

One of Limestone’s biggest concerns is efflorescence. So, if you have Lueder Stone Pool Coping, you need to be sure you keep on top of maintenance and also seal your surfaces. A sealant like ours will ensure your surfaces remain free from efflorescence and damage via chlorine. Other vulnerabilities of Limestone include scratching, weathering, and acidic substances.

Acidic substances such as pool chemicals and harsh cleaning products can deteriorate the stone, leaving it vulnerable to erosion and crumbling. If you’re hoping to avoid this, you need to be sure you’re using the right cleaning products and methods. Alternatively, by sealing your stone, you’ll not only be protecting them against deterioration and many other concerns, but you’ll also limit the frequency of stone maintenance.

If you’re looking for long-lasting and reliable protection for your stone surfaces, contact TSSPro Sealants today and ask about our specialty sealers. You won’t find better value for your money with any other stone sealer.

Specialty Stone Sealers

Every type of natural stone faces its own vulnerabilities and concerns. However, no matter what your surfaces have been dealing with, know that TSSPro Sealants is here to help. Our line of specialty sealants has been designed to combat several issues, including weathering, erosion, fading, and mold.

If you live in a hot climate, it’s only natural you’d want a pool in your backyard. However, hot climates mean harsh temperatures and harsh UV rays from the sun. This can lead to fading, and your stone will lose its beautiful color. Here at TSSPro Sealants, we understand that natural stone surfaces are a costly endeavor. That is why we strive to help you protect and preserve your stone surfaces.

We have several sealants that combat weathering and harsh UV rays to ensure your stone never loses its beautiful appearance. Where other sealants can affect the appearance of your stone by leaving behind a yellow hue, our sealants will enhance the look of your stone with a matte or gloss finish. Additionally, we offer both water-based and solvent-based sealers to cater to all stone types.

No matter which of our sealants you choose, you can trust your surfaces will receive maximum protection that lasts for years to come. Many other sealants on the market lose their effectiveness after just one year. However, this won’t be the case when you choose TSSPro Sealants. Our sealants have proven to outlast other products on the market. What’s more, our sealants target specific stone concerns to keep your surfaces looking beautiful for longer.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact TSSPro Sealants and find the right level of protection for your Lueder Stone Pool Coping and other natural stone surfaces.

Lueder Stone Pool Coping

You won’t find better products to protect your Lueder Stone Pool Coping.

Protecting Lueders Limestone & Other Natural Stones

Lueders Limestone is just one of many natural rocks used for interior and exterior surfaces. That is why TSSPro Sealants proudly offers a range of solutions to cater to every natural stone type.

Some of our sealants more suited for Limestone include the TSSPro 200, TSSPro 300, TSSPro 600, and the TSSPro 950. Of course, there are many other products we have available. If you’d like the complete list of TSSPro Sealants, contact our team today.

TSSPro 200 | High-Performance Sealer

The TSSPro 200 is one of our most popular sealants for Limestone surfaces. It was specifically designed for use on porous stones and offers maximum protection to surfaces it’s applied to. The TSSPro 200 offers a matte finish and is suitable for use on a range of stones such as Flagstone, Cast Stone, and Quartzite.

This sealant will prevent saltwater erosion on your surfaces, making it a great option for outdoor surfaces. Moreover, the TSSPro 200 offers weatherproofing and will protect your stone surfaces against harsh winds, rains, and UV rays. Due to its chemical-resistant properties, this sealant is highly popular for surfaces around and near swimming pools, especially Lueder Stone Pool Coping.

Finally, the TSSPro 200 offers a rapid drying time and easy application for your convenience. To learn whether this sealant is right for your surfaces, contact TSSPro Sealants today.

Lueder Stone Pool Coping

The TSSPro 600 offers long-lasting protection for a range of natural stones.

TSSPro 600 | Weatherproofing Sealer

The TSSPro 600 is a weatherproofing sealer that offers many benefits. First and foremost, it will significantly reduce the wear and tear of your surfaces. It also strengthens the structure of natural stone, ensuring your surfaces remain in great condition for longer. Once cured, this sealant will ensure your surfaces are water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about moisture absorption and water staining.

Additionally, the TSSpro 600 combats efflorescence making it yet another great option for Lueder Stone Pool Coping. Like the TSSpro 200 and so many of our other sealants, this product offers a rapid drying time and is suitable for use on several stones. Moss Rock, Sandstone, and Bluestone are just some of the many stones to which you can apply this sealant.

In addition to the many other things this sealant prevents, it will protect your surfaces against salt-water erosion and acid rain. If you’d like to know more about this sealer and the many other sealers we offer, contact TSSPro Sealants today.

We understand there are cheaper options out there. However, you shouldn’t be fooled by their price tags. Other sealants don’t offer the same reliability that comes with a TSSPro Sealant. What’s more, our sealants last longer than those generic sealers and will ensure your surfaces stand the test of time.

Call today to discover which of our sealants is right for your surface. You won’t find a better sealer to protect your Lueder Stone Pool Coping.