Lueder Stone

If you’ve been looking for a reliable sealer for your Lueder Stone, look no further than TSSPro Sealants. For years, we have been offering high-quality sealants that provide protection for various natural stones. Whether you have interior or exterior stone surfaces, our sealers will ensure they remain in great condition years down the line. What’s more, our sealants are available for both commercial and residential use.

Here at TSSPro Sealants, we are dedicated to helping you preserve and protect your natural stone surfaces. That is why we created a high-quality line of sealants that offer long-lasting protection. Our sealants have been created to combat common issues found in many stone types, from Flagstone to Limestone to Quartzite. So, no matter if you’re looking to rid your surfaces of old stains, algae growth, or efflorescence, know that our sealants can do just that.

Lueder Stone

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Protecting Lueder Stone

Lueders is a type of Limestone. Knowing this, you need to be aware of the many vulnerabilities that Limestone faces. Limestone is a highly popular choice for residential and commercial surfaces due to its beautiful color and appearance. However, being a porous rock, it is highly vulnerable to an array of things. Scratching, water staining, and weathering are just some of the things you need to be careful of around Limestone.

Additionally, you need to be careful when cleaning and maintaining this stone type. Limestone is highly vulnerable to harsh chemicals and acidic substances. As a result, you need to be wary of what cleaning products and methods you use. An abrasive cleaner could wear down the stone and cause deterioration and crumbling over time.

One of the best ways to avoid this is by using the right cleaning products and sealing your stone. Applying a sealer to any stone surface is a surefire way to ensure it stays in better condition for longer. However, you need the right sealant if you’re looking for long-lasting protection.

TSSPro Sealants has the solution you’ve been looking for. Before creating our sealant line, we used consumer-grade sealers to carry out sealing jobs. However, we, and our customers, were left unimpressed with the short-lived protection they offered. That is how TSSPro Sealants was formed. All of our sealers have been expertly engineered to outperform and outlast other name-brand sealers on the market.

We utilize cross-linking technology to ensure our sealants stand the test of time. A stone treated with a TSSPro Sealant will remain in great condition for years to come. If you’re looking to preserve and protect your Lueder Stone surfaces, call our team today.

Lueder Stone

If you’re looking for the best protection for your Lueder Stone, call TSSPro Sealants today.

High-Quality Sealants

Lueders Limestone is just one of many stones our sealants are suitable for. Our products are also highly effective at protecting Moss Rock, Flagstone, Quartzite, and various other natural stones. Our sealants are suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces alike and will provide maximum protection to your stone, from the surface to the substrate.

Unlike other sealants that leave an unattractive yellow hue on the stone, our sealants won’t affect the color of your stone. Instead, they offer beautiful finishes to enhance the natural appearance of the stone.

As our sealants offer protection against different concerns and vulnerabilities, it’s important you choose the right sealer for your stone. Some of our sealants more suitable for Limestone include the TSSPro 200, the TSSPro 700, and the TSSPro 950.

TSSPro 200 | High-Performance Sealer

The TSSPro 200 was specifically designed for porous stones. With that in mind, it is the perfect option for Limestone surfaces. Like all of our sealants, the TSSPro 200 penetrates deep below the surface to offer maximum protection. Walkways, patios, pool coping, and unglazed tiles are just some of the surfaces this sealant is suitable for.

The TSSPro 200 will protect treated surfaces against saltwater erosion and pool chemicals, making it the perfect choice for exterior surfaces. In addition, this sealant is designed to withstand extreme weather and harsh UV rays meaning your stone won’t lose its natural color due to sun exposure.

For your convenience, the TSSPro 200 offers easy application and has a rapid drying rate. Once dry, your surface will be left with a beautiful matte finish to enhance its natural color.

TSSPro 700 | Clear Surface Sealer

The TSSPro 700 is another great option for outdoor surfaces. It is suitable for use on a range of stones such as Cast Stone, Flagstone, and Sandstone. Moreover, a stone sealed with the TSSPro 700 will be ready for foot traffic in two hours for your convenience. The TSSPro 700 is one of our longest-lasting sealants and has a lifespan of seven years. With that in mind, you can rely on us to help keep your stone protected for years to come.

This is a solvent-based sealer to allow the stone to breathe and offer maximum protection. With this sealant, you won’t have to worry about stone maintenance. Additionally, the TSSPro 700 ensures your surfaces stay free from algae, mold, and other fungi. To discover if the TSSPro 700 is right for your Lueder Stone, contact TSSPro Sealants today.

Lueder Stone

The TSSPro 950 is one of many great options for preserving the beautiful appearance of your Limestone surfaces.

TSSPro 950 | Water-Based Sealer

Outdoor surfaces are highly susceptible to a range of stains, from vehicle oil to weathering stains and even basic dirt and grime. That is why the TSSPro 950 offers maximum protection against all sorts of stains. It is an ideal option for natural stones, concrete, brick, tiles, and grout. So, no matter what surfaces you’re looking to protect, know that TSSPro Sealants can help.

This sealant is a great option for both indoor and outdoor surfaces, and like the TSSPro 700, your surfaces will be ready for foot traffic in two hours. Stone surfaces treated with the TSSPro 950 become a lot easier to maintain and keep clean. Additionally, this sealant won’t trap moisture, meaning you won’t need to worry about water stains.

If you’d like to learn more about this sealer and the many others we have available, reach out to our team today. We’ll happily take you through your options and find the right sealant for your surfaces. You won’t find better value for your money anywhere else.

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