Natural Stone Cleaners

It can be challenging to find the right Natural Stone Cleaners for your surfaces. However, TSSPro has the solutions you’re looking for. Our top-quality cleaning and sealing solutions can help you combat and prevent many concerns that natural stones face. Stone care and maintenance will become a breeze when you use our high-quality sealants!

Natural Stone Cleaners

Trust TSSPro to help you keep your surfaces looking beautiful.

When you’re looking to maintain your stone surfaces, there are several solutions available. Cleaning products and home remedies are often used. However, they’re not always as effective as they claim to be. At TSSPro Sealants, we understand that installing a stone surface is a huge investment, and we want to help you protect that investment. That is why we offer various efficient and effective products to help keep your natural stone surfaces protected for years to come.

All of our formulas have been specifically designed by a team of experts, and they were designed for homeowners and contractors alike. Whether you offer sealing services and are looking for quality products or you own natural stone surfaces that are looking a little worse for wear, you can rely on TSSPRo to offer you the products you’re looking for.

Natural Stone Cleaners

Here at TSS PRO Sealants, we understand that maintaining and prevention are just as important as restoring. That is why we have formulated a variety of products that do just that.

In addition to specialty sealants that protect your surfaces against the elements, we also offer quality cleaning solutions that ensure your surfaces remain in the same great condition as the day they were installed. Our TSSPro 10 is a specially formulated, fast-acting cleaner and descaler. We also offer a neutralizing rinse, our TSSPro 15, and many other sealants that offer solutions against common stone issues.

Of course, there are many other cleaning products out there. However, none will compare to ours. These specialty solutions have been formulated for natural stones and the concerns that come with owning these stones. Whether you own Flagstone, Travertine, or Quartz surfaces, you can expect weathering, erosion, and other issues to arise over time.

Combatting these issues becomes much easier when you have a quality product on your side. Call TSS Pro Sealants today to see what our high-quality formulas can do for your stone surfaces.

TSSPro 10

Our TSSPro 10 is a top-quality cleaning and descaling solution designed for Limestone, Masonry, Concrete, and more. These stone types all face varying vulnerabilities. With that in mind, our TSSPro 10 protects against the following:

  • Rust Deposits
  •  Efflorescence
  • Lime Deposits
  • Oil Stains
  • Algae
  • And more.

Regardless of what staining concerns you have regarding your stone, you can rely on TSSPro to offer the right solutions. It should be noted that our TSSPro 10 is ideal for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Like all of our sealants, it is an easy-to-use product and will rid your surfaces of tough stains with little fuss. You won’t find better Natural Stone Cleaners for your surfaces!

Our TSSPRO 10 offers a less harsh solution than most acidic-based surface cleaners. However, there are still certain levels of acidity present in this cleaning product. That is why we recommend using it with our TSSPro 15; a neutral cleaner.

Natural Stone Cleaners

Everyday products don’t compare to our Natural Stone Cleaners.

TSSPro 15

The TSSPro 15 is a neutralizing rinse designed for use with our TSSPro 10. It will restore the correct pH balance to your stone surface and rid it of any acidic residue. What’s more, it can remove any common substrates from your stone before sealing. Regardless of which of our sealants is right for your surface, using the TSSPro 15 guarantees a stronger bond and prevents sealer failure.

What’s more, this solution comes premixed for your convenience. We understand that the TSSPro 10 can be harsh for everyday cleaning. However, our TSSPro 15 can be used for exactly that. It is a highly effective general cleaner that will remove oily and fatty deposits from your stone surfaces.

Additionally, the TSSPro 15 is designed for all stone types from Limestone to Travertine. Additionally, it can be used on brick, tile, and grout. To learn more about our cleaning solutions, call TSSPro today. You won’t find better stone cleaning products.


Our TSSPro 750 is designed to protect your stone surfaces against black and green algae. This is a common occurrence among the following stone types:

Our TSSPro 750 will keep your surfaces free from discoloration caused by algae. In addition to natural stone, the TSSPro 750 is highly effective on grout, masonry, and more. Additionally, it only requires one coat and can keep your algae problems at bay for upwards of 2 years. Like all of our sealants, the TSSPro 750 offers easy application.

This sealant can be re-applied over itself when its effectiveness starts to wear off. Many other sealants need to be removed before you can apply a new coat. However, we understand how tedious a job this can be, and we want to make our sealant process as easy as possible for our customers. That is why we ensure the majority of our products can be re-applied for your convenience.

If you’d like to know more about this and our many other sealants, call TSS PRO Sealants today!

Natural Stone Cleaners

We ship our specialty sealants all over the country! Call today and find the right solution for your stone.

Cleaning & Sealing Solutions

No matter what type of stone your surfaces are, you can rely on TSSPro Sealants to offer you the perfect solution for maintaining your surfaces.  Our products are specially crafted for both indoor and outdoor surfaces for your convenience. Of course, if your stone surfaces are outdoors, they are more likely to suffer from specific vulnerabilities.

However, indoor surfaces, such as natural stone floors, also need proper care and maintenance. To learn which of our sealants is best suited for your stone surfaces, reach out to our team today. We’ll ensure you choose the right product to restore your stone to its former glory. Call us today if you’re looking for Natural Stone Cleaners for your surfaces.