Natural Stone Patios

Have you been looking for ways to protect your Natural Stone Patios? If so, TSSPro has the solutions you’ve been looking for. We offer a range of high-quality sealants designed to combat common issues that natural stones face. Whether you’re looking to protect your stone against erosion, weathering, algae, or more, you can rely on TSS Pro Sealants.

Natural Stone Patios

Our quality sealants offer protection against water damage, erosion, and so much more!

Natural Stone Patios

From retaining walls to stepping stones to paving patios, the majority of indoor and outdoor spaces consist of natural stone surfaces. This is because of their beautiful color and structural integrity. However, over time these stones can fall vulnerable to certain things such as weathering, harsh chemicals, and mildew. With that in mind, you need to keep on top of your stone maintenance to ensure the longevity of your stone.

Here at TSS Pro, we understand that natural stone surfaces are a big investment. That is why we offer high-quality products that will protect this investment for years to come. Unlike other sealants, our products have been specially formulated to offer long-lasting and effective results. We made these sealants so they could outperform all the rest. As a result, TSS Pro should be your first choice when you’re looking to seal and protect your stone.

Flagstone, Limestone, Travertine, and Quartzite are just some of the many natural stones you can use for your surfaces. All of these stones face different vulnerabilities due to their composition. As a result, you need to use the right sealant to protect your surfaces against the concerns they face.

Of course, certain concerns can affect all-natural stones. Some of these concerns include harsh weather conditions, water impregnation, salt-water damage, and calcium deposits. Here at TSS Pro Sealants, we have created a range of products to protect your stones against these very concerns. Call today to learn which of our sealants is best suited for your surfaces.

High-Quality Sealants for your Surfaces

As we offer a variety of sealants, it can be tricky to narrow down your options. However, our team is here to help. We’ll ensure you have the right sealant for your stone type to protect it against the concerns it faces. Our team is ready to help you find the right solution for your Natural Stone Patios.

Natural Stone Patios

You won’t find better products to restore and protect your Natural Stone Patios.

TSSPro 100

The very first sealant we developed, the TSSPro 100, is the ideal choice if you’re looking to protect your surfaces against salt-water erosion and staining. It is easy to use for your convenience and penetrates deep below the surface to offer maximum protection. What’s more, this sealant offers a fast curing time like many of our other products.

Other concerns the TSSPro 100 can protect against include pool chemicals, acid washes, and salt making it the perfect choice for stone pavers or patios around a swimming pool.

Many people are hesitant when it comes to sealants as they are worried it will affect the appearance of the stone. After all, natural stone is such a highly popular choice due to its appearance. However, you won’t find any yellowish tints with TSS Pro. Instead, our sealants enhance the natural look of stone by offering a matte, glossy, or wet-look finish.

The TSSPro 100, in particular, offers a matte finish and won’t need to be stripped when it comes time to re-apply. This is something that many people struggle with. However, many of our sealants can be re-applied and when needed without having to worry about stripping the initial layer. As a result, our sealants offer quick and easy applications.  Finally, we design our products for indoor and outdoor use. So no matter if you’re looking to protect a countertop, a fire pit, or a backsplash, TSSPRO has got you covered.

TSSPro 300

We understand that everyone’s style and taste vary. That is why we ensure our sealants offer varying finishes. If you’re looking for something similar to the TSSPro 100 but aren’t after a matte finish, our TSSPro 300 is the perfect alternative.

Much like the TSSPro 100, the 300 offers protection against staining; this includes wine, coffee, oil, vehicle fluids, and more. As a result, it is a great choice for protecting driveways and patios. What’s more, it offers a color-enhancing component without mattifying your surface. Instead, it will provide your stone with a wet-look, low-sheen finish.

Additionally, the TSSPro 300 protects against salt-water, pool chemicals, and offers protection against harsh UV rays. Depending on the climate where you live, you may be looking for something to protect your stone against the harsh climate, and the TSSPro 300 is the perfect candidate. Finally, this sealant offers protection for years to come and can also be easily re-applied when the time comes.

Natural Stone Patios

Call TSSPro and discover which of our high-quality products are available in your area.

Trust TSS Pro with your Sealant Needs

Depending on the type of stone your surfaces are will depend on how frequently care and maintenance are required. However, cleaning your surfaces with soap and water will only do so much. That is why in addition to sealants, we also offer a high-quality cleaner and descaler, the TSS Pro 10.

This fast-acting cleaner and descaler can rid your surfaces of the toughest stains. The TSSPro 100 can be used on Limestone, Concrete, Grout, and more. It will rid these stones of rust deposits, hard-water deposits, efflorescence, common algae, and more. What’s more, it is suitable for interior and exterior use. Call TSSPro today if you’d like to learn more about our TSSPro 10 and our many quality sealants.

You may have more than one stone surface throughout your home. With that in mind, you may be having a hard time narrowing down your options. That is why TSS Pro offers a sample pack of our sealants. These sample packs are available in all 50 states for your convenience. You can select any of our two products to test on your surfaces and find the right match.

Call us today to ask about our sample options and find the right sealant for your Natural Stone Patios.