Natural Stone Sealants

Are you looking for Natural Stone Sealants? If you are, you should definitely contact the stone sealing experts here at TSS PRO Sealants. Thanks to our great line of sealants, we are able to offer solutions to all types of stones.

Whether it’s marble or travertine, home, or business, we have the right sealing products for you. Additionally, we exclusively deal with high-quality stone sealers. When you choose TSS PRO Sealants, you’re essentially getting years of experience, exceptional client support, and a consistent commitment to excellence.

Natural stone surfaces are vulnerable to the deteriorating effects of mother nature. With the right type of sealant, you can be sure that your stone surfaces will remain in great condition for many years to come. Furthermore, our sealants offer maximum protection while helping improve the stone’s appearance as well.

Houston Natural Stone Sealing

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Treatments for Patios, Decks, & More

Essentially, we specialize in products for natural stone patio, deck, and driveway sealing and restoration. For homes with a patio, deck, porch, or outdoor area made out of natural stone, it’s imperative that you preserve and protect it as best possible.

With products fitted for specific stone types, we have the right type of sealant for you. Our stone restoration and maintenance pros will keep your outdoor patio or deck looking its best. Additionally, we offer free estimates, so contact us at your earliest convenience.

Benefits of Natural Stone Sealants

Natural Stone such as marble quartz and granite is durable, which makes it a very common choice for countertops and other home surfaces. Even though these natural sones are resistant to many chemicals, they are not immune to wear and tear. These stones are subject to damage due to food, wine stains, cosmetics, or the amount of foot traffic on your flooring.

With that being said, it’s extremely important that you add stone sealants to your list of maintenance needs for your home. Stone sealing is important for several reasons, including protection against surface scratches and other imperfections that can occur with regular use.

Our TSS PRO Stone Sealing products are here to help you, check out some of the benefits you get with these top-quality products.


Houston Natural Stone Sealing

Houston Natural Stone Sealing

One of the most important parts of sealing your stone is for its long-term preservation. The goal is to maximize the stone’s longevity. With top-quality natural sealants, you’ll be able to preserve the beauty of your countertops and other home surfaces by preventing them from looking dull.

Essentially, stone sealants prevent substances such as oil, water, and other contaminants from leaving behind mineral deposits that could potentially cause your stone surfaces to appear cloudy or dull.

Stain Prevention

TSS PRO and our line of Natural Stone Sealing products prevent stains through their liquid-resistant protectors. Instead of being absorbed into the stone, the liquid will bead up.

When natural stone surfaces are left untreated, and without a stain-protective coat, they are vulnerable to spills that can leave unattractive surface stains. Don’t risk ruining your home’s beautiful decor. Instead, contact the stone sealing experts here at TSS PRO Sealants.

Easy Cleaning

Stone sealers are also great for making the cleaning up process overall easier. Dirt, liquids, crumbs, and grease will be easily removable. All in all, our stone sealants will help tremendously in cutting down on cleaning and on the “elbow grease.”

In addition, stone sealants also make cleaning safer. Why? Beacuse, messes on countertops will be easier to wipe away. When your stone surface has been sealed, you won’t have to use as many harsh chemicals. Consequently, the cleaning process will be better for your family and the environment.

Less Etching

Etching is what occurs on natural stones, such as marble, granite, and quartz. When acidic foods and juices are spilled on the counter and are left without cleaning, etching occurs.

beading water on stone

Cross-linking technology creates a powerful bond preventing moisture from penetrating your stone.

The acid reacts to the calcium carbonate in your natural stone surfaces. When doing so, the acid eats away at the surface while creating dull spots that are referred to as etches. This can occur from things such as a splash of lemon juice, or drips of tomato sauce.

These are not regular stains. They are actually changes of the color itself. These changes in color are as permanent as a scratch. By taking the time to have your stone sealed, you’ll be able to reduce the chances of etching.

Cutting-Edge Innovations

Here at TSSPRO sealants, we offer the most advanced sealants in the market. After years of working with sub-par sealants, we took it upon ourselves to create better-sealing solutions.

Simply put, our sealants do what others can’t. We make sealants that make stone surfaces look better, last longer, and prevent moisture from penetrating. Even more, our sealants are developed using the most trusted chemical formulas.

While other sealants claim to be the best, they never reach the peak performance of our sealants. Thanks to our Cross-Linking Technology or CLT, we are able to effectively prevent water, bacteria, and fungi from accumulating on your stone surfaces.

Cross-Linking Technology

TSSPRO sealants make great use of cross-linking technology. Cross-linking refers to the action of polymer chains linking to one another. These nano-scale bonds are what create such powerful connections.

Furthermore, the polymers attach to the molecular structure of the natural stone. Once these are connected, the bonds then develop a durable matrix that prevents moisture. The reason why many other sealants are not as effective as ours is because they lack these bonds. Our CLT technology helps lengthen the silicon-oxygen bond between the stone and the sealant.

When sealing your natural stone, concrete, or grout, you’ll notice the great repelling effects. One thing to note is that water beading is not the best test for a sealant. Rather, you can effectively test water resistance by checking the coloration of water when it hits the stone.

If the water darkens when it hits the surface, then it is being absorbed into the stone. On the other hand, if there is no discoloration, your stone sealant is doing its job right.

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