Natural Stone Surfaces TSSPro 650

If you’re looking for a stone sealant for damaged stone surfaces, get the Natural Stone Surfaces TSSPro 650! TSS Pro Sealants has one of the largest selections of high-quality sealants for your specific needs! Natural stone surfaces make your home look beautiful. However, natural stone surfaces such as limestone, flagstone, and concrete need maintenance. The TSSPro 650 is a great last chance sealer to take care of your natural stone surfaces before replacement.

It’s natural for your stone surfaces to lose their brand new look or begin to flake over time. When this happens, it may be time to give us a call. TSS Pro Sealants that use advanced Nano CrossLink Technology. You won’t find a better sealant at a big box store!

Please give us a call today at (888)-958-0556 to place your order! Protect your natural stone surfaces, and don’t let delay any further! We have different sealers for different stones, and we’ll be glad to help you! Searching for Natural Stone Surfaces TSSPro 650 has never been easier.

TSSPro 650

If you want a sealant to strengthen your flaking stone surfaces, get Natural Stone Surfaces TSSPro 650!

Natural Stone Surfaces TSSPro 650 Densifier for Deterioration Decay

TSS Pro Sealants has a large selection of specialty sealants. Whether you need something to prevent moisture, delay stains from setting on, or discourage mold. We always have something that is engineered to take care of your stone surfaces. It may surprise a lot of people, but not all stones are the same. Some stones are a lot denser, more porous, and are prone to different issues. Because o this, we highly recommend not using a ‘one-stop’ sealer.

Applying an inferior sealant on your surfaces could lead to a lot of issues. For example, if misapplied, the commercial sealer may whiten up or yellow. Not only does this look bad when it comes to the aesthetic decor of your outside flagstone patio areas, it most likely means that the person that applied the sealant did so incorrectly. As a result, it will not work as it should. Sealers from TSS Pro are easy to use and work best when you apply them correctly. Furthermore, you may need to re-strip your previous sealant to apply ours.

Not only is this time-consuming, but it’s a costly mistake that could lead to a lot of frustration. After dealing with inferior acrylic-based sealants, we wanted to improve sealants for homeowners and contractors. Because of this, we formulated our own sealants that work hard for your specific stone surface. Additionally, our sealants are infused with state-of-the-art Nano CrossLink Technology.

As previously mentioned, this specialty sealer can be applied as a last resort for flaking stone surfaces before they need replacement. Our sealants work at the molecular level! Our sealants bond with the stone to create a binding material that works best. As a result, your stone surface can have the protection you need. The TSS Pro 650 is an excellent choice for the stone that is flaking severely. After you properly apply this sealant, your stone surfaces will have the protection they need against saltwater erosion.

Natural Stone Surfaces TSSPro 650

The TSSPro 650 is a strong densifier and reduces saltwater erosion.

Features And Benefits Of The TSSPro 650

If you’re a homeowner whose natural stone is experiencing severe flaking, it’s time to get the TSSPro 650. This fantastic product is one of the best solutions to give your natural stone surfaces the strength it once had. Over time, weathering can significantly damage your stone. This product is a strong densifier and offers deep penetration of anywhere from 4 to 8 inches through saltwater erosion or natural decay.

Even though stone is a durable material, it is still prone to natural deterioration. The TSSPro 650 is unique because it is isopropyl-based. The majority of sealants on the market are water-based and, as a result, don’t offer the stone penetration our product has. Furthermore, the TSSPro 650 has a rapid curing time, about an hour. After that, your natural stone concrete surfaces can have the protection it needs.

However, there are important notes to consider when applying the TSSPro 650. While this product is ready-to-use, the surface may need moisture before application if you live in an area with very low humidity. You can apply all of our products, with the exemption of one (the TSSPro 400), via painting, rolling, or spraying, and because of this, applying the 650 is relatively easy.

Natural Stone Surfaces TSSPro 650 is a tremendous stabilizing sealant that can be used on many different stone surfaces. For example, brick and terra-cotta. However, we do not recommend using this product on dense stone as it will not be absorbed. This product works because it replaces the natural binding materials that have been damaged due to weathering and other factors.

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Natural Stone Surfaces TSSPro 650

Protect your Natural Stone Surfaces with TSSPro 650

As previously mentioned, we formulate our products to give you a sealant that works the way it should. The TSSPro 650 utilizes a silane with a very tiny molecular structure. This molecular advantage permits the sealant to go deep into the stone and begin a chemical process that results in the silane becoming silicone dioxide.

It’s through this process that your stone can regain the strength it once had. This sealer is also great to apply on the surface that needs to be cleaned, patching, or coat, making it an excellent pretreatment sealant. When applying this product, it’s essential not to apply it over a surface that had a prior sealant on it. If you apply the TSS Pro 650 over a surface where there was a sealant beforehand, your surface will develop a white haze, and it will be costly to remove.

Furthermore, you should always apply this sealant in the ideal temperatures. It is not the best idea to apply it in temperatures over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal temperature to ensure the best application is 41 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, it’s essential to check the weather for outdoor projects. Moisture in the air can affect the curing time.

TSS Pro Sealants also recommends that you do not leave the sealant puddling. If you see this issue, you can always back wipe it with a mop or back roller. When you follow the correct application steps, you will find that the TSSPro 650 is one of the best products to delay damage from saltwater erosion, strengthen your weaken stone, and densify your surfaces.

TSS Pro Sealants is family-owned and operated. Our specialty sealants have made us pioneers in the sealant industry, and we always work hard to give you a product that fits your specific needs. Give us a call today to tell us what the problem is, and we will recommend a sealant that does the job. When you want the best densifier sealant, get the Natural Stone Surfaces TSSPro 650.