New Product TSS250

If you’ve been looking for a sealant for your Limestone surfaces, why not try our New Product TSS250? Here at TSSPro Sealants, we proudly offer a range of high-quality sealants for all stone types. Whether you’re looking to maintain your indoor or outdoor surfaces, you can rely on our expert products.

New Product TSS250

Keep your indoor and outdoor surfaces protected with TSSPro Sealants.

At TSSPro Sealants, we understand that owning stone surfaces is a huge investment, and we want to help you protect that investment. With that in mind, we have engineered several sealing products that outperform the competition. Many sealants these days offer all-in-one protection for your surfaces. However, these products rarely do what they promise. This is something you won’t find at TSSPro. Our quality sealants are all designed to combat various issues you may experience with your surfaces.

Some of these issues include efflorescence, mildew growth, deterioration, and weathering. All of these issues can affect a large variety of natural stone types. Limestone specifically is a porous sedimentary rock.  As a result, it is prone to both natural and unnatural elements and chemicals. With that in mind, it is essential you seal Limestone surfaces if you want them to remain in great condition.

Although Limestone is prone to many issues, this doesn’t stop it from being a highly popular choice for outdoor surfaces. Many people use Limestone for driveways, walkways, patios, and pool coping due to its beautiful appearance. However, outdoor surfaces are more susceptible to damage and staining than indoor surfaces. So, if you have Limestone surfaces, be sure to contact our team and ask about our New Product TSS250.

New Product TSS250

This new and innovative sealant is designed specifically for use on Limestone and Concrete. What’s more, this sealant is suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. So, whether you have a Limestone patio or countertop, you can trust our TSS250 will keep your surface protected for years to come.

Limestone is susceptible to many issues, including the following:

  • Staining
  • General Wear & Tear
  • Calcification
  • Moisture Absorption
  • Mold Growth

Our TSS250 has been designed with these concerns in mind. So if you’ve previously invested in a Limestone surface or are looking to do so, you can rest easy knowing our products offer quality protection. Our New Product TSS250 offers many benefits. First and foremost, it is a water-based solution making it easy to apply and easy to clean up. Additionally, due to the fact this product is water-based, you won’t have to worry about a strong odor during the application process.

New Product TSS250

Call TSSPro today and ask about our New Product TSS250.

The Many Benefits of Our Sealants

As this product is so easy to use, it is perfect for contractors that offer sealing solutions and homeowners looking to tackle a DIY project. Another benefit of this sealant is the protection it offers.  The TSS250 offers weatherproofing properties, making it a perfect choice for outdoor surfaces.

Patios and driveways are susceptible to many weathering conditions such as acidic rain and harsh UV rays. Depending on the climate where you live, your surfaces could be more vulnerable to these concerns. That is why we have designed this product with these things in mind. Waterproofing is another benefit of the TSS250. This doesn’t just pertain to rainwater. It also protected against pool water and other chemicals, ensuring your surfaces don’t suffer from erosion, staining, or damage.

Staining can present itself in a number of ways. Of course, pool chemicals can cause discoloration. However, many other things can cause stains on natural stone surfaces. That is why this sealant offers stain resistance. By applying the TSS250 to your surfaces, they will be protected against red clay stains, oil stains, and more.

Efflorescence is a common issue that many outdoor surfaces face. It presents itself as a white powder on the surface of many stone types. It is caused by saltwater deposits which can either be due to rainwater or pool water. So, if you have Limestone surfaces surrounding your pool, you may want to consider this sealant to keep your stones’ natural appearance protected.

Longe Lasting Protection

When you use our TSS250, you can reap the benefits for years to come. All of our sealants have been expertly engineered to last for years. Like many of our other products, the TSS250 is available in all 50 states for your convenience. What’s more, our products are VOC compliant, and the TSS250 is no different.

If you’d like to learn more about this sealant and the protection it can offer your Concrete and Limestone surfaces, reach out to our team today.

New Product TSS250

You won’t find better quality sealants for your stone surfaces.

Quality Sealants you Can Trust

Many people have their concerns when it comes to sealing their surfaces. This is because several sealants cause discoloration to stone. If you’ve invested in a natural stone surface, you don’t want to take away from its appearance. With our New Product TSS250, you won’t have to. Not only does this product offer quality protection for your surfaces, but it won’t cause any change to the appearance of your stone. This means you can ensure your stone is protected for years to come without having to worry about a yellow tint on your surfaces.

Many natural stones are vulnerable to crumbling and deterioration. The only way to combat this issue is by using a densifier. Here at TSSPro, we have many sealing solutions, and one of those is our TSSPro 650 densifier. This product is a perfect choice if you’re looking to use one of our many other sealants for your stone surfaces. However, if you own Limestone or Concrete surfaces, you won’t have to worry about buying an additional product. This is because our TSS250 offers permanent densification to your surfaces.

As a result, you won’t have to worry about staining, crumbling, discoloration, or any other issues your Limestone surfaces might face. Call today if you’re interested in this sealant or would like to learn more about the other products we offer. When you’re looking for a quality sealing solution, call TSSPro and ask about our New Product TSS250.