New Product

New product

Have a sealant you can count on.

Many outdoor and patio projects may be perfected through the use of our new product. Stone surfaces require more care than usual when the winter is in full gear. There are a variety of effects that the weather can, creating issues that will complicate the task of keeping homes clean, such as rain, mud, snow, slush, and the extreme cold. Even though grout is known to be a very durable stone, it can still react to cold weather. With that said, there are certain things that can help maintain and extend the life of your natural stone surfaces.

Winter can be a tricky time for homeowners as driveways become completely covered in snow. With a porous stone such as grout, it’s very important that you find a way to protect against the effects that this time of year will have on your grout. The effects we’re talking about are those that occur once all the snow starts to melt. Grout absorbs the water, which can be super bad news because of the freeze-thaw. This chemical process is very detrimental to the stone surfaces. This causes puddles that’ll create stains unless properly sealed.

Stone sealers are great at protecting the stone. We protect the stone from becoming etched or dull due to slush, salt, or other chemicals that can come into contact with the outdoor surfaces during the winter. Our stone sealers are the best bet in terms of protecting your outdoor stone surfaces during the winter by preventing staining and etching repairs. Our sealants are the most effective around.

These sealants use the latest-engineered solutions to help protect against damage from the cold, as it fights water absorption and freeze-thaw damage. All in all, if you want to make your outdoor stone surfaces stain and water-resistant, especially in the winter, you can count on our high-quality stone sealing products.

New product

Get the grout you need to protect the surfaces of your home.

Cross-linking technology

Our new product makes great use of cross-linking technology. This term refers to powerful bonds created when polymer chains linked to one another. These nano-scale bonds are what make your stone water-resistant once you use our highly-effective stone sealants. The polymer chains attach to the natural stone. Once there, they begin to develop a durable matrix that helps protect against moisture.

If you’re wondering why your sealants are not working as you would like them too, it probably has to do with the bonds not being strong enough, and breaking in certain instances. When you apply our sealants to your stone surfaces, you’ll see the great repelling effects they will give your grout. Our CLT (cross-linking technology) is very helpful when it comes to prolonging the silicon-oxygen bond formed between the stone and the sealant.

Heavy-Duty Grout Sealing TSSPRO25

Our line of products has a new addition, the TSSPRO25, which is a specialty sealant sold in quarts. This sealant is the perfect choice for heavy-duty protection. Furthermore, this is a water-based, natural look, penetrating stone sealer that is heavily-used in the wintertime and helps with:

  • Keeping your grout looking new for longer
  • Protecting from the soil, water, and oil-based stains
  • Makes the cleaning process so much easier
  • It can be used on both sanded and unsanded grout.

Technical benefits

Clients come to using terms such as impregnators, protectants, repellents, and other terms they use to describe our natural stone sealants. Many of them know about the long-term benefits that the right type sealant can have on their stone surfaces. Furthermore, they offer great protection from the detrimental effects that the weather can have. This new product has helped with projects that take place in challenging environments, require new tile applications, and that have high customer expectations.

Lower the maintenance costs

Using effective sealants and new products brings benefits such as lowering the amount of maintenance required. With that said, sealants will not only offer great protection. They also make the cleaning process much easier. However, you shouldn’t fall into the misconception of thinking your stone surfaces are maintenance-free after you treat them. Think about out as if you were treating your carpet, just because you treat it doesn’t mean you can stop vacuuming altogether.

Long-term savings

Obviously, we like to save money, which is why so many homeowners invest in our highly-effective stone sealants. By keeping up with the re-application of the sealants, you’ll provide continuous protection, helping you avoid high-cost repairs in the future. So at least financially, sealing your stone surfaces has all the signs of being the right choice. Simply put, sealing your stone results in an overall lower cost when you compare it to paying for major repairs later on down the road.

All in all, sealing your grout can prevent situations like cracks, discoloring, and hardening, which make it more difficult to clean. Moreover, with unsealed stone surfaces, you’ll have to repair and even replace it more often. This will lead to much higher costs in the long-run.

Applying Our New Product

Once a new set of grout tile is placed, homeowners should first wait for it to cure completely. After the new surface has had time to dry completely, then it is ready to be protected using a penetrative sealer.

Grout is a cement-based product. As such, grout is porous. So when it rains, or a liquid spills on it, it will seep into the surface if not cleaned up right away. This is why many flooring companies make sealing grout an integral part of the installation process. Once the grout seals, it will limit the effects of outdoor conditions and spills. Proper sealing also goes a long way in keeping the stone’s brand-new look.

New product

Get ready for the winter with our CrossLinking Technology.

Control spread of mold and mildew

Homeowners are well aware of the effects that mold and mildew can have. These substances grow primarily in warm and damp areas. Our grout sealers are the best around when it comes to protecting against moisture and preventing liquids from seeping into the grout.

By having the right grout for your surface you are able to not only preserve the quality of your surface but your health. Mold and mildew can be toxic and cause breathing problems when you are exposed to it for long periods of time.

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