Our Newest Sealant TSSPRO950

Posted on March 7, 2019 by Team@actualseomedia.com

There is a leading-edge water-based sealer that is designed to provide protection against the toughest outdoor stains. This month our blog features our newest sealant TSSPRO950. The following are only some of the issues that this sealant will protect against:

  • Soil
  • Water
  • Vehicle Oil
  • Leaves
  • Nuts
  • Discoloring Organic Stains

Properties of Our Newest TSSPRO950

This sealant has dual properties and the list below is what we recommend you use this sealant on. Consequently, while this can be a do-it-yourself project, we suggest otherwise. One phone call to Texas Stone Sealers and you can have your free estimate by the end of the day today.

  • natural stone
  • pavers concrete
  • brick
  • tiles
  • grout

Features of TSSPRO950 from TSS Pro Sealants

The TSSPRO950 was formulated to provide an easy application and the maximum protection from the common stains mentioned above. This sealant will prevent water penetration and saltwater erosion. Because of this, the sealant is the ideal product for countertops, backsplashes, and areas susceptible to kitchen food stains. Here are some features of the advanced technology within the PRO950:

  • Treats surfaces without trapping moisture
  • Excellent long-lasting beading
  • Provides long-lasting protection
  • Makes cleaning much easier
  • Retains existing color and finish on most substrates
  • Resists stains like red wine, ketchup, coffee, iodine & olive oil
  • Excellent protection from vehicle oils, nuts & leaves

When the application of this sealant goes on, there are several surfaces such as:

  1. Patios
  2. Driveways, walkways
  3. Floors
  4. Landscape decorative stone
  5. Outdoor cooking & entertaining areas
  6. Building facades
  7. Showers
  8. Swimming pool surrounds
  9. Garage floors

This sealant can be put on an interior or exterior surface. This sealant will provide protection for many areas around the exterior of your home or business. Because of this, make sure you give TSS PRO Sealants a call for a free estimate.

  • Concrete pavers, tiles and concrete products
  • Natural stone: flagstone, limestone, sandstone, travertine, bluestone, cantera quartzite, and slate
  • Grout & Mortar
  • Low fired clay products
  • Artificial stone

Indoor/Outdoor Surface Prep Time

The application of this sealant does come with some preparation time. Because of this, you must protect people, vehicles, plants, pets, and masonry surfaces from residue, splash, fumes and wind drift. Use polyethylene or other proven protective coverings. Consequently, before you treat the surface, it must be clean and dry. If this is an exterior application then allow a minimum of 24 hours to dry after rain or power washing. Click here to see our website and learn more about our sealants.

If you feel like you need more information and you want to schedule a free estimate, you can call us directly at (888) 958-0556.