Patio Sealant

TSSPRO has the patio sealant you need for your sealing project. Patios can be made from all kinds of stone. Our water-based sealers are capable of sealing all kinds of stone patios and other stone surfaces. Brick, concrete, and masonry are just a few other areas in which our sealants can be used.

The sealants from TSSPRO are proprietary formulas. Each sealant is proven to work on the various stone types. Our formulas also take advantage of cross-linking technology (CLT), which is an important feature when it comes to sealants. Concrete driveways, concrete patios, natural stone, pool decks, sidewalks, and pavers are capable of being sealed by our TSSPRO sealants.

Each of our penetrating sealants will repel moisture, stains, erosion, and deterioration. TSSPRO sealants prevent these ailments from occurring. It is also important to note that CLT offers a slew of benefits for clients. CLT is a game-changing feature, which means it is a must-have.

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Most importantly, TSSPRO has sealants for any kind of issue. If you need to prevent mold or algae growth, then purchase our TSSPRO 750. If you need to prevent further erosion of your masonry, select our TSSPRO 600. Visit our online store today to find the right kind of sealant you need for your project.

The Importance of Patio Sealing

A patio is a great place to gather family and friends. You can enjoy the outdoors as you grill or celebrate a special occasion. Regardless, it will be a place guests want to enjoy. However, if your patio is stained, has mold growth, or is eroding away, it won’t be as much of a fun place as it could be. So, protect your patio with TSSPRO sealants. It doesn’t matter what your patio is made out of. Our sealants will protect it.

There is a slew of benefits for patio sealing. Patios can be stamped concrete, brick pavers, or even flagstone. Regardless of the patio material, our sealants will provide the same kind of benefits to each material. Below, you can find a list of a few benefits patio sealing can provide.

  • Repels moisture from rain, spills, pools, and more
  • Easier cleaning
  • Prevents staining from oils, animal waste, and food
  • Reduces surface erosion
  • Improves and prolongs the life of stone
  • Enhances the color
  • Prevents mold, mildew, and algae growth

Again, the list above is just a small portion of what TSSPRO sealants can offer. Clients interested in sealing their patio should consider our products in order to reap as many benefits as possible.

Cross-Linking Technology

We mentioned cross-linking technology (CLT) earlier. It helps create a bond between the stone and sealant, so moisture and stains are repelled. This technology is revolutionary and is used in every single sealant of ours. There is more to the story of CLT. CLT is a term used in chemistry and refers to two or more polymer chains linking together. So, our sealant’s polymer chains link with those of the stone.

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Patios can be made from concrete, brick, or natural stone.

Formed between the relationship is a robust matrix that will repel a variety of issues. Water, acidic substances, animal waste, salt water, and more are prevented from damaging the stone. It is the nano bonds formed from the polymer chains that create such a strong bond. TSSPRO sealants offer the most advanced forms of these sealants and some of the longest-lasting.

Benefits of Cross-Linking Technology

CLT offers several benefits for users of TSSPRO sealants. Firstly, customers will have a better looking and longer-lasting patio or stone. Our sealants help preserve the integrity and look of the stone. Some of our sealants are tasked with preventing deterioration any further. So, if your patio is starting to chip or crack, this sealant will act as the natural bond that it has started to lose.

pool patio area

Your patio will look pristine around your pool.

Secondly, you will save money by using our sealants. Since your patio will last longer, you will not have to spend more money on it when it starts to erode. Other sealants will not last as long as ours, so you will save money with TSSPRO Sealants. Our sealants can last for years, unlike other sealants. Pick the right choice the first time.

Finally, cross-linking technology prevents ailments from affecting your stone. Mold and algae are common nuisances when it comes to patios. If they are left unchecked, they will develop more spores and reduce air quality in and around the house, preventing such growth from occurring. We will clean the area first and then apply the sealant, so such ailments are no longer present.

Patio, Paver, and Concrete Sealer

TSSPRO prides itself on the wide range of areas in which our sealants can be applied. Concrete, patio, and paver sealers are important for homeowners because they offer a better-looking landscape and yard. Those who use these products will stand out in the neighborhood. Our acrylic sealers are easy to use and have detailed dry times. Plus, each of our sealants has instructions for applying a sealer, ensuring you get the best direction possible.

Our patio sealant is not just for patios. TSSPRO Sealants are used for natural stone, concrete, masonry, brick, and more. If you want to seal the stone in your home or around it, we have the products just for you. We also have sealants for countertops in case you want to protect your marble or granite. The versatility of our products is unlike any others on the market.

TSSPRO Patio Sealant

If you need a long-lasting and durable patio sealant, visit TSSPRO’s online store today. If you are unsure which sealant is right for you, feel free to call our team. You can reach us by calling (888) 958-0556. Clients are welcome to ask us anything or give us feedback on our products. All of our products come with warranties, which means we stand by our products.

TSSPRO sealants use cross-linking technology, so you benefit in various ways. You won’t have to spend more money and time later down the road. Your patio will look better than before as our sealants enhance the color of the stone. Plus, our patio sealant protects against moisture, mold, algae, and more.