Paver Sealers

Are you looking for paver sealers or other types of stone sealing products? TSSPRO has a large selection of sealants customers can choose. Each of our sealant products is developed with the most trusted formulas. Our sealants use Cross-linking Technology, which helps protect against a variety of ailments. Stone, of all kinds, needs to be protected from the elements and human activity, or it will begin the process of degradation.

Stone degrades over time, but human activities can speed up the aging process. Natural stone needs to be kept protected in order for it to survive longer.

Paver Sealers

Seal your brick, concrete, and natural stone pavers. Quality Paver Sealers available

Pavers are a common stone product that our products can seal. Pavers are usually made from concrete, brick, or natural stone. Regardless of the material, our paver sealants will help them last longer and look better. However, you will want to apply the right kind of sealant to your paver.

For example, brick pavers do not stain. They will lose their color over time, so sealing them is the best way to prevent their color from fading. The sealed pavers will retain their color and keep their look as time goes on. Above all, it varies on the type of pavers you have, the location of the pavers, and what you want to protect them from.

Cross-Linking Technology

You are welcome to find a stone sealer at Home Depot, but it will not be as high of a quality as TSSPRO. Each of our sealants is designed to create an unbreakable bond between the stone and the sealant. The way we achieve such a bond is through cross-linking technology (CLT). This term is used in the field of chemistry. It refers to two or more polymer chains connecting to each other.

Our sealants use CLT to connect the polymer chains in the stone to those in the TSSPRO sealants. This bond develops a barrier that repels moisture, stains, and more. CLT is an important factor when it comes to sealants. A penetrating sealer will help prevent water, acidic chemicals, and moisture from deteriorating the stone. Our sealers can be applied to pool decks, driveways, sidewalks, patios, masonry surfaces, and, most importantly, paver surfaces.




One sealant you should consider for your paver surfaces is TSSPRO 750. This is a water-based sealer and is easy to apply. All of our sealants are easy to apply, which is important when DIYers take on a project. A gallon of this product can cover up to 200 square feet of pavers. The most important feature of TSSPRO 750 is is prevents the growth of algae.

As such, green, brown, and black algae will be kept from growing all over your natural stone, brick, and concrete surfaces. This acrylic sealer is also able to prevent the growth of many molds and fungi. Mold and algae are known to plague stone surfaces outside. Pool decks and patios are notorious for these ailments. Now, there is a sealer that can prevent such growths and keep the look of your paver surfaces gorgeous.


TSSPRO 650 is another acrylic sealer offered by TSSPRO. This sealant is a consolidation treatment, which means it keeps the stone together after it has lost all of its natural binding materials. This is a great option for stone pavers that have lost their density or strength. TSSPRO 650 will continue to hold the stone together and protect it from further deterioration.

As long as this sealant is applied correctly, it will penetrate four to eight inches into the stone, where it will hold the natural water permeability. Furthermore, the sealant will prevent water and saltwater from penetrating deep into the stone. If you do not have a deteriorating stone, then you could still use TSSPRO 650 to your advantage. This sealant is a great option for those wanting to prevent their stone from eroding away.



TSSPRO 600 is a stabilizing sealer that strengthens the structure of natural stone, reduces erosion, and preserves the look. Similar to the previously mentioned sealant, this sealant act as the natural binding material in the stone. Eroding, chipping, and brittle stone will benefit from this kind of sealant. Saltwater corrosion may also be prevented using this sealant product. Below, you can find a few features and benefits of TSSPRO 600.

  • Drys fast
  • Strengthens the integrity of the stone
  • Easy application
  • Acid rain resistance
  • Does not harm masonry
  • Counteracts efflorescence

This type of sealant also has many applications when it comes to the damage it can prevent. Clients can expect this product to prevent deterioration, decay, saltwater erosion, cracking, chipping, acid rain damage, and so much more. These ailments and many others are prevented when you apply TSSPRO 600. Of course, this sealant is just one of many in the TSSPRO family. If you want to find out more about this sealant or our others, visit our online store.



Better Products, Superior Results

TSS PRO Sealants is unlike other stone sealant companies. Our products will provide lasting results for many years to come. That is rare for many sealants. When you choose us as your paver sealer, but you are getting the highest-quality sealants possible. Our sealants are commercial-grade and use advanced technology to create an unbreakable bond. Visit our online store in order to see our whole catalog.

Highest Quality Paver Sealers

TSSPRO sealants offer the highest quality paver sealers on the market. If you want your pavers to stay looking great and retain their integrity longer, then obtain our sealants today. If you have questions about any of our sealant, then please call (888) 958-0556. Our team can help you decide which sealant is best for you or address any concerns you may have.

Our online store is full of the sealants you need and can benefit from. You will find our sealants to be professional-grade, unlike others at department stores. Seal your stones the right way the first time. Our formulas are tested and proven to work. Give our sealants a chance when you need paver sealers.