Paver Sealing

If you’re looking to protect your stone pavements from the elements, Paver Sealing is the way to do it. The specialty sealants offered by TSSPRO can protect your paved surfaces from staining, erosion, algae growth, and much more. Each sealant has been designed to offer maximum protection, and all of our products are VOC compliant.

Pavers are a highly popular choice for outdoor surfaces such as patios, sidewalks, and driveways. Additionally, they add great curb appeal and can significantly increase the value of your home. However, you need to properly care for and maintain your pavers if you want them to remain looking beautiful.

It’s a fact of life that outdoor surfaces are more susceptible to damage than indoor surfaces. This is due to weather conditions, foot traffic, and other factors. However, unlike other outdoor surfaces, pavers aren’t as likely to suffer cracks and chips. This doesn’t mean that they’re resistant to other factors, though. For example, pavers are prone to staining and efflorescence, which usually occurs due to the acidity of rainwater and chlorine from a swimming pool.

However, there are certain measures you can take to reverse the damage and prevent future damage. The expert sealant solutions at TSSPRO are here to help you protect your pavers against harsh elements and keep them looking newer for longer.

Paver Sealing

TSSPRO has the solutions to protect your paver surfaces.

Paver Sealing

The high-quality sealants we offer at TSSPRO have been carefully designed to offer maximum protection against various elements. What’s more, our products work better than those every-day sealing products you can pick up at the hardware store. This is because our sealants were created to beat out those generic sealants’ inadequate performance.

Whether you have brick pavers or concrete pavers, you can trust our products to keep them looking as good as new. Of course, it may be counterproductive to use our products if your paver surfaces have already suffered stains and discoloration. Instead, you should look into cleaning solutions to restore your surfaces. Then, you can enlist our help so we can ensure your pavers stay looking better for longer.

If you’re currently considering having pavers installed on your property, make sure you reach out to our team. We’ll help you find the right solutions to protect your new surfaces against water damage, sun damage, and more.

Cleaning Solutions

Although our main priority is to offer sealing solutions, we also have a cleaning product to reverse damage to certain surfaces. Our TSSPRO 10 is a highly effective option if you’re hoping to restore your paved surfaces. It works wonders when you’re looking to remove lime deposit, hard-water deposit, algae, oil stains, efflorescence, and more.

Additionally, this product is safe for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. For this reason, you can restore a variety of stone surfaces around your home. Of course, being a cleaning solution, it’s only natural there is a certain level of acidity to this product. That is why we also created our TSSPRO 15. This is a neutralizing rinse that works to restore the pH balance to your surfaces. It also counteracts the acidic residue and keeps your stone protected.

Prior to using our cleaning solution, your surface must be wet. This can be easily achieved if you own a pressure washer or even a hose. Once wet, our TSSPRO 10 can be applied to your pavers. It takes little time at all and offers a deep and thorough clean of various surfaces. To learn more about this and our many other products, contact TSSPRO today.

TSSPro 500

The TSSPro 500 is just one of many options for your Paver Sealing needs.

TSSPRO Sealants

After you have restored your surfaces to their former glory, you can use our specialty sealants to lock in their new and improved condition and keep them that way for years to come. TSSPRO offers a variety of sealants for various surface types. Additionally, many of our sealers offer finishes such as matte or gloss. Many of our products are water-based sealers and offer several protective qualities.


Our best-selling sealant is the TSSSPRO 300 and is highly effective for sealing pavers. It is a wet look low-sheen sealer that enhances the color of your driveway, decking, or patio while protecting it against water damage and staining. Additionally, this product is solvent-based to offer maximum penetration and protection.

Our TSSPRO 300 also offers protection against saltwater and pool chemicals, which is highly needed if your pavers surround your pool area. It’s easy for chemicals to spill and for chlorine to penetrate surfaces. When this happens, your pavers will suffer from discoloration and staining. However, if you utilize our trusted Paver Sealing solutions, you’ll never have to worry about such damage again.


Of course, depending on the climate you live in, your outdoor surfaces will be susceptible to different factors than others. A common issue that people deal with is algae. Not only can algae growth cause your pool water to turn green, but it can also affect the appearance of your surfaces. Neither black nor green algae is nice to look at, and it can be a real pain if your paver joints start to become overgrown with algae.

However, our TSSPRO 75o is excellent at limiting the growth of algae. Of course, you’ll need to clean your surfaces first if this is a problem you’re currently dealing with. This sealant is effective for two years of algae protection. Once algae begin to sprout again, you simply reseal your pavers to ensure they stay looking beautiful.

Sealants for Pavers

Speak with our team today to find the perfect sealant for your indoor and outdoor stone surfaces.

TSSPRO Paver Sealing Solutions

We offer a variety of other sealants you may want to consider. Firstly, our TSSPRO 950 which is a water-based stain. It also offers oil repellent and salt water repellent technology to preserve the natural color of your pavers. Another great option for paver sealing is our TSSPRO 600. This sealant is excellent at combatting saltwater erosion and efflorescence. What’s more, it has weatherproofing properties to ensure your pavers last longer.

To learn more about our specialty sealants and what they can do for your stone surfaces, contact our team at TSSPRO today. You can reach us at (888) 958-0556. Our team can’t wait to help you find the right products to keep your surfaces in excellent condition.

For Paver Sealing solutions you can count on, choose TSSPRO!