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Artificial Stone

ARTIFICIAL STONE: artificial stone is made of a concrete mix that is molded and colored to simulate the color and texture of natural stone. The unique feature of the concrete mix used in making manufactured stone comes from the use of lightweight aggregates.  One of the most obvious drawbacks to artificial stone is its durability – or lack thereof. Man-made stone is simply not as durable as the real thing. The light-weight concrete mixture can often break or chip. When this happens, it is usually quite noticeable. Artificial stone should be sealed to preserve the appearance/colors and prevent deterioration.

Sealant Considerations: color enhancing/change, salt-water exposure (erosion), discoloring mold/algae, deterioration/flaking, VOC compliance, stain resistance, general protection

  • TSSPRO 400 – HD Wet Look High Gloss Sealer

    • Perfect for driveway and sidewalks pavers; resistant to vehicle fluid staining    
    • Brings out rich colors of substrate, high gloss, enhancing, resistant to extreme weather
    • Rapid drying, ready for foot traffic in one hour, vehicle traffic in two hours, apply with brush or roller
  • TSSPRO 300—Wet Look Low Sheen Sealer

    • Only TSSPRO 300 gives a rich, low sheen topical wetlook while developing a powerful water-resistant subsurface barrier 
    • Fade resistant, waterproof, resists oil and other staining
    • Can be applied with a pump up or airless sprayer
    • Ideal for natural or man-made stone, pavers, masonry, brick, slate, tile, grout, concrete areas, and decorative landscaping
    • Rapid drying, ready for foot traffic in one hour, vehicle traffic in two hours
  • TSSPRO 750— Algae Free; Keeps Surfaces Free of Green and Other Discoloring Algae

    • Exceptional performance at limiting the growth and regrowth of green, black and other colors of algae
    • Keeps treated surfaces clean, attractive, maintains value while keeping surfaces environmentally healthy 
    • May slightly darken the surface, matte to low sheen finish, prevents water intrusion
    • Can be applied on natural stone, concrete, masonry, grout, wood, etc., only a single coat required
    • Longevity typically up to two years or longer, rapid one-hour drying, then ready for pedestrian traffic
    • Water-based; can be reapplied over itself for protection extension