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Granite, Granite is a natural stone and the most popular igneous rock.  Granite is a light-colored, coarse-grained.  igneous rock that consists mainly of quartz and feldspar. It is harder than marble and has visible grains.  All types of granite are perfect for everyday use because they are heavy and strong, water resistant, wear and tear resistant, and durable. Countertops, floors, and walls made of different types of granite are also beautiful because this stone gets its full shine when polished.  Although very hard and dense, granite is a natural stone and will stain.

Sealant Considerations: color enhancing/change, cooking areas, salt-water exposure (erosion),  discoloring mold/algae,  VOC compliance, stain resistance, general protection

  • TSSPRO 550—Stain Safe Sealer

    • Stain Safe is a cutting-edge, solvent based sealer designed specifically to provide maximum stain protection against the toughest soil, water, oil, and wine-based stains.  
    • Ideal for natural stone including granite and marble, pavers, concrete, brick, tiles and grout; food areas, countertops, outdoor cooking areas
    • Salt-water repellent, excellent penetration, preserves the natural color and look of most substrates 
    • For interior, exterior, residential and commercial use.  
  • TSSPRO 950—Water Based Stain and Oil Repellent Sealer

    • Designed to provide maximum protection against the toughest outdoor stains: soil, water, vehicle oils, leaves, nuts and similar discoloring non-acidic organic stains
    • Great outdoor sealer: ideal for natural stone, pavers concrete, brick, tiles and grout (patios, driveways, outdoor cooking areas)
    • Salt-water repellent, excellent penetration and beading, preserves the natural color and look of most substrates
    • Use outdoors, indoors, commercial, residential, ready for foot traffic in 1-2 hours