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Limestone: Limestone is very porous and prone to efflorescence and discoloring black algae.  Limestone comes in white and also with colored veins and mineral deposits. Limestone types include Lueders, Freska, Austin Chalk, etc. Limestone is extremely prone to discoloring with black algae/mold over time.  Limestone should be sealed to preserve its beauty and composition.

Sealant Considerations: color enhancing/change, cooking areas, salt-water exposure (erosion), efflorescence, motor oils, discoloring mold/algae, deterioration/flaking, VOC compliance, stain resistance, general protection

  • TSSPRO 100WB – Natural Look Water Based Sealer

    • Prevents efflorescence on concrete, limestone and pavers
    • Weather Resistant – Preserves the natural look of the stone or masonry it is applied to
    • Great general-purpose sealer, prevents salt-water erosion, preserves and protects patios, decks, walkways, floors, showers, decorative landscape stone, around swimming pools, spas and waterfalls, grout, unglazed tile floors, natural matte finish
  • TSSPRO 300—Wet Look Low Sheen Sealer

    • Only TSSPRO 300 gives a rich, low sheen topical wetlook while developing a powerful water-resistant subsurface barrier 
    • Fade resistant, waterproof, resists oil and other staining
    • Can be applied with a pump up or airless sprayer
    • Ideal for natural or man-made stone, pavers, masonry, brick, slate, tile, grout, concrete areas, and decorative landscaping
    • Rapid drying, ready for foot traffic in one hour, vehicle traffic in two hours
  • TSSPRO 600—Stabilizing, Weatherproofing Sealer

    • TSSPRO 600 represents breakthrough technology in water based weatherproofing protection for stone that is porous, soft or friable and for concrete and concrete based products 
    • Prevents efflorescence in limestone, pavers and concrete   
    • Strengthens the structure of natural stone and concrete, dramatically reduces wear – lengthens life of the substrate
    • Salt-water resistant; minimal change to the natural look of the stone
  • TSSPRO 650—Densifier

    • Powerful, highly effective densifier; strengthens, consolidates and densifies decaying/deteriorating/friable natural stone, concrete and masonry
    • Replaces the natural binding materials in stone and concrete lost due to deterioration, decay, weathering and other causes
    • Effective at preventing, slowing and often stopping ongoing salt-water erosion issues, extremely deep penetrating
  • TSSPRO 700—Clear Surface Sealer; Prevents Discoloring Black Algae

    • Prevents the growth of discoloring, ugly black algae and many mold and fungi (“microorganisms”) particularly on limestone and concrete; also effective on brick, masonry, stucco, grout, natural stone, tile, plaster, roofs and wood decks
    • Lasts for up to seven years, preserves the natural look and beauty it is applied on, salt-water resistant
    • Enhances property appeal – maintains and increases property value     
    • Solvent-based; harmless to humans and pets once cured, ready for foot traffic in 1-2 hours.
  • TSSPRO 750— Algae Free; Keeps Surfaces Free of Green and Other Discoloring Algae

    • Exceptional performance at limiting the growth and regrowth of green, black and other colors of algae
    • Keeps treated surfaces clean, attractive, maintains value while keeping surfaces environmentally healthy 
    • May slightly darken the surface, matte to low sheen finish, prevents water intrusion
    • Can be applied on natural stone, concrete, masonry, grout, wood, etc., only a single coat required
    • Longevity typically up to two years or longer, rapid one-hour drying, then ready for pedestrian traffic
    • Water-based; can be reapplied over itself for protection extension
  • TSSPRO 950—Water Based Stain and Oil Repellent Sealer

    • Designed to provide maximum protection against the toughest outdoor stains: soil, water, vehicle oils, leaves, nuts and similar discoloring non-acidic organic stains
    • Great outdoor sealer: ideal for natural stone, pavers concrete, brick, tiles and grout (patios, driveways, outdoor cooking areas)
    • Salt-water repellent, excellent penetration and beading, preserves the natural color and look of most substrates
    • Use outdoors, indoors, commercial, residential, ready for foot traffic in 1-2 hours

For Cleaning:

  • TSSPRO 10—Clean Choice Cleaner Descaler

    • Easy to use, fast acting, concentrated descaler/cleaner.  It is designed for cleaning limestone, concrete, pre-cast concrete, masonry and grout 
    • On these surfaces it will remove rust deposits, lime deposits, hard water deposits, efflorescence, oil stains, common black and green algae, red clay stains, common dirt and grime stains and household food and liquid stains
    • It will also remove cement, grout haze, mortar residue and joint cement, and other mineral based deposits from most surfaces including natural stone
    • Water-based, suitable for interior and exterior use
  • TSSPRO 15—Neutralizing Rinse; For use With TSSPRO 10

    • Use TSSPRO 015 on all concrete, brick, tile, stone and masonry when cleaned with TSSPRO 010 cleaner
    • Restores the proper pH value to the acidic cleaned surface; neutralizes harmful cleaner and acid residue from the substrate, always use when cleaned surface is to be sealed
    • Environmentally responsible, phosphate free.