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PORCELAIN: there are two types of porcelain tile, glazed and unglazed. With glazed porcelain there is usually not a need or benefit to using a sealer. Unglazed porcelain tile comes in polished and unpolished finishes. Unglazed polished porcelain tile is susceptible to staining. This is due to the grinding or smoothing process used to polish the tiles. This process opens up microscopic pinholes and pores in the tile that were not previously exposed. and therefore, makes it susceptible to staining. You can test if a tile, glazed or unglazed, should be sealed by pouring water on the surface. If the tile changes color and absorbs the water, or some of the water, then you should consider sealing the tile.

Sealant Considerations: color enhancing/change, cooking areas, salt-water exposure (erosion), discoloring mold/algae, VOC compliance, stain resistance, general protection

  • TSSPRO 100—Natural Look Sealer Solvent-Based Sealer

    • Weather Resistant – deep penetrating 
    • Great general-purpose sealer, prevents saltwater erosion, preserves and protects patios, pool coping/decks, walls, walkways, waterfalls, masonry, grout, unglazed tile floors and landscaping structures, natural matte finish
  • TSSPRO 100WB – Natural Look Water Based Sealer

    • Prevents efflorescence on concrete, limestone and pavers
    • Weather Resistant – Preserves the natural look of the stone or masonry it is applied to
    • Great general-purpose sealer, prevents salt-water erosion, preserves and protects patios, decks, walkways, floors, showers, decorative landscape stone, around swimming pools, spas and waterfalls, grout, unglazed tile floors, natural matte finish
  • TSSPRO 500—Water Based Matte Finish Enhancing Sealer

    • Ultimate Stone Enhancer is ideal for providing rich color enhancement with a matte finish on a variety of substrates.
    • Prevents efflorescence on concrete, limestone and pavers
    • Salt-water resistant, provides protection for natural stone, concrete, masonry, cast stone, mortar/grout joints and other substrates. 
    • Ideal for patios, pool surrounds, pool coping/decks, walls, walkways, waterfalls, driveways
  • TSSPRO 950—Water Based Stain and Oil Repellent Sealer

    • Designed to provide maximum protection against the toughest outdoor stains: soil, water, vehicle oils, leaves, nuts and similar discoloring non-acidic organic stains
    • Great outdoor sealer: ideal for natural stone, pavers concrete, brick, tiles and grout (patios, driveways, outdoor cooking areas)
    • Salt-water repellent, excellent penetration and beading, preserves the natural color and look of most substrates
    • Use outdoors, indoors, commercial, residential, ready for foot traffic in 1-2 hours