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TSSPRO 15—Neutralizing Rinse; For use With TSSPRO 10


  • Use TSSPRO 015 on all concrete, brick, tile, stone and masonry when cleaned with TSSPRO 010 cleaner
  • Restores the proper pH value to the acidic cleaned surface; neutralizes harmful cleaner and acid residue from the substrate, always use when cleaned surface is to be sealed
  • Environmentally responsible, phosphate free.
Single 1 Gallon Bottle

Product Information

NOTE: One gallon of sealer can cover up to 200 square feet. This will depend on the porosity of the stone/surface as well as the application process.

NOTICE: This product IS VOC compliant. Consumers in VOC regions CAN purchase any volume of this product.

TSSPRO15 Neutralizer restores the proper pH value and is a safe and easy way to neutralize harmful cleaner and acid residue from common substrates before sealing. Sealers will bond much better to the surface, greatly reducing the likelihood of sealer failure. TSSPRO15 Neutralizer comes premixed or as granules mixed with water.

TSSPRO15 Neutralizer is a very effective general cleaner and particularly for removing and dissolving oily and fatty deposits. It will keep dirt and grease particulate suspended in solution preventing redeposit onto cleaned surfaces.


Use on all concrete, brick, tile, stone and masonry when TSSPRO10 Cleanser Descaler or acid-based cleaners have been previously used in cleaning. It may also be used as an alkaline cleaner for soil removal.


  • Prevents acid/sealer failures
  • Also effective as a cleaner
  • Environmentally responsible. Phosphate free.