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TSSPRO 950—Water Based Stain and Oil Repellent Sealer


  • Designed to provide maximum protection against the toughest outdoor stains: soil, water, vehicle oils, leaves, nuts and similar discoloring non-acidic organic stains
  • Great outdoor sealer: ideal for natural stone, pavers concrete, brick, tiles and grout (patios, driveways, outdoor cooking areas)
  • Salt-water repellent, excellent penetration and beading, preserves the natural color and look of most substrates
  • Use outdoors, indoors, commercial, residential, ready for foot traffic in 1-2 hours
1 Quart Double Pack (2 quart bottles) $111.99
Single 1 Gallon Bottle $143.99
Single 5 Gallon Pail $677.99

Product Information

NOTE: One gallon of sealer can cover up to 200 square feet. This will depend on the porosity of the stone/surface as well as the application process.

NOTICE: This product IS VOC compliant. Consumers in VOC regions CAN purchase any volume of this product.

TSSPRO 950 offers maximum protection against the toughest outdoor stains. This water-based sealer was developed to fight stains from soil, water, vehicle oil, leaves, nuts, and other similar discoloring stains. TSSPRO 950’s dual properties makes it the ideal sealer for most natural stone, pavers concrete, brick, tiles, and grout.

TSSPRO 950 repels salt water, has excellent penetration and beading capabilities, preserves natural color and look of most substrates, and is great for exterior and interior use. TSSPRO 950 can be used in residential or commercial applications.

This sealer was formulated to provide easy application and maximum protection from common outdoor stains. It’s repellent nature prevents penetration and erosion by water.

TSSPRO 950 can be used on marble, granite, quarts, and porcelain. However, if you are aiming to use a sealer on counter tops, back splashes, and other areas susceptible to kitchen stains, the TSSPRO 550 is a more ideal product.


  • TSSPRO950’s advanced technology produces application friendly properties, including ease of application and use – keeps treated surfaces looking
    better longer. It also discourages the growth of discoloring mold and mildew.
  • Excellent protection against most stains including vehicle oils, nuts and leaves
  • TSSPRO950 will also resists stains from materials such as red wine, ketchup, coffee, iodine and olive oil. The shorter the time before cleaning will greatly lessen the effect of a stain.
  • Retains existing color and finish on most substrates
  • Makes cleaning much easier
  • Provides long lasting protection
  • Excellent long-lasting beading
  • Treated surfaces do not trap moisture


  • Limited shelf life – remains storage stable for approximately 12 months in sealed containers.
  • May slightly darken some stone – always test a small area prior to application
  • Will not prevent water penetration through material defects or structural cracks/fissures in the material.
  • Will not stop salt water erosion if the erosion has already started
  • May not prevent stains caused by substances with acidic composition
  • Do not allow product to freeze