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TSSPRO CD1—Densifier and Hardening Sealer for New and Existing Concrete


  • Hardens and strengthens concrete: driveways, sidewalks, statues, tiles
  • Helps to prevent cracking, deterioration and spalling 
  • Water-borne, deep penetrating, surface and sub-surface densifying and impregnating 
  • Improves performance and appearance of new or old concrete
  • Perfect for diamond polishing  provides superior abrasion resistance
  • Greatly extends the life of decaying and deteriorating concrete and cast stone products
Single 5 Gallon Pail
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Product Information

NOTE: One gallon of sealer can cover up to 200 square feet. This will depend on the porosity of the stone/surface as well as the application process.

TSSPRO-CD1 Densifier-Pro Lithium Sealer, Hardener and Densifier for Concrete

NOTICE: This product IS VOC compliant and available in all 50 states and Canada.

TSSPRO-CD1 is cutting-edge technology for hardening and densifying old and new concrete; it is a water borne deep penetrating, solution for greatly increasing surface hardness and sub-surface densification.

  • Available in 5-gallon pails
  • Improves performance, appearance and light reflectance of new or old concrete
  • Perfect for diamond polishing
  • Provides superior abrasion resistance
  • Can greatly extends the life of decaying and deteriorating concrete and cast stone products


TSSPRO-CD1 reacts with concrete to produce insoluble calcium silicate hydrate within the concrete pores filling the voids and densifying the concrete. Only TSSPRO-CD1 is formulated to produce lower surface tension allowing it to penetrate easier and faster; in addition, significantly, TSSPRO-CD1’s proprietary blend of particle sizes allows it to both penetrate deep and also to react with the surface pores and capillaries which is the primary line of contact; as capillary pore space is filled the hardened properties of concrete are substantially improved.

Features & Benefits

  • Penetrates and reacts quickly to produce better initial and ultimate hardness.
  • Easy, one step application. No flushing, no scrubbing, no caustic wastewater.
  • May be applied to broom finished, steel troweled, power troweled or burnished concrete finishes.
  • Provides superior abrasion resistance than conventional hardeners.
  • Produces a fast surface gloss which improves with traffic and maintenance.
  • Improves performance, appearance and light reflectance of new or old concrete.
  • Reduces application time and costs of diamond polishing operations
  • Will not contribute to surface crazing. High lithium content combats surface ASR.
  • Gloss and hardness do not reduce slip resistance.
  • Lithium will not absorb water or contribute to floor sweating.
  • Breathable and UV stable. Will not yellow, discolor, peel or flake.
  • VOC Compliant. Non-flammable. Non-toxic. Low odor.
  • Cures quickly. Most floors can be opened to traffic within one hour of treatment.
  • Treated surface are easy to maintain and require no waxing.

Advantage of Using TSSPRO-CD1

TSSPRO-CD1 is safer, easier and faster to apply than conventional sodium or potassium silicate-based products. It can be applied with a low-pressure pump up sprayer, mop or a soft-bristled push broom. In addition to greatly increased surface hardness,TSSPRO-CD1 reduces dusting and simplifies maintenance producing a cleaner, healthier environment for years. TSSPRO-CD1 is VOC compliant.

TSSPRO-CD1 should only be applied on concrete surfaces and products containing cement.