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Posted on November 26, 2019 by Ron Marks

The Stain Safe Sealer

If you’re a homeowner who has stone structures on your patio, poolside, inside your house, or even your walls, you need TSS Pro Sealants. We’re able to provide you with sealants that can preserve your structure. When it comes to the components of your stone, protecting its composition is crucial. Different types of stone can be affected by animal feces, rain, weathering, sunlight, and more. Leaving your stone exposed to the outside elements will cause it to deteriorate over time. When you choose us for your sealant services, our product will get the job done. We offer tips on how to keep the natural look of your stone.

For instance, before applying sealant, it’s imperative to clean your structure first. Pools need attention, whether contained in flagstone, Travertine, Arizona Stone, slate, limestone, or other formations. Cleaning your stone will ensure the accumulated dirt or outside effects don’t seal along with your stone. By removing these elements first, you’ll be able to gaze upon your stone with little imperfections as possible after the sealant is applied. We want you to protect your investment. Therefore, by making sure it is in the best shape possible before using our products, you can get the best out of your stone.

Contact TSS Pro Sealants for Your Stone Preservation

Contacting TSS Pro Sealants is your best bet in getting the results you want. We also provide special offers on our products that involve free additional items as well as discounts! Our products are specifically designed for homeowners and contractors in mind. Furthermore, if you want matte natural or an enhancement with shine, we’re able to provide that to you at an affordable price. If you’re interested in our various types of sealants, check out our online store! Our varieties of TSS Pro sealants categorizes with specific stone types in mind.

Stone Sealer Dallas

The Before and After Shock

Additionally, our products are dependant on the outside elements your stone interacts with around your home. Call (888) 958-0556 for more information. You’re more than welcome to come by as well and check out what we have. We’re open twenty-four hours a day as well as seven days a week at 5444 Westheimer Rd Suite 1000. Preserve your stone with TSS Pro Sealant products!