Sealers for Pavers

When it comes to Sealers for Pavers, make sure you contact the stone sealing experts at TSSPRO Sealants. With a decade in the industry, we have the experience to provide premium sealant products for all types of stone surfaces.

If you’re in the process of sealing your outdoor patio, kitchen, pool, or yard stonework, then reach out to us at your earliest convenience. Through our years in the industry, we found that most products in the market were failing to provide the protection that they promised.

Eventually, we grew frustrated and decided to take it upon ourselves to make the best products possible. You know what they say, if you want something done the right way, do it yourself. As such, our team of experts worked tirelessly to make sure we created a product we were proud of.

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Water-resistant Sealants for all your stone surfaces

The first product in our line of Sealers for Pavers was the TSSPRO 100, a multi-purpose stone, tile, and concrete sealer. After this breakthrough, we knew we’d hit the jackpot.

Sealers for Pavers Developed by Industry Leaders

One thing that characterizes TSSPRO Sealants is that we work only with the most effective sealants around. The highly-durable sealants we’re produced out of the frustration with scraping off other poor-quality sealants. Simply put, our sealants have positive effects that other sealants just don’t have.

You can be sure that our sealants will make you look better, last longer, and prevent moisture from penetrating into the surface. While other sealants may claim to be the best, our sealants do the work to prove it.

TSSPRO sealants use advanced cross-linking technology or CLT, which helps tremendously when it comes to preventing water, bacteria, and fungi from collecting on your natural stone.

Benefits of Cross-Linking Technology

You’ll find that our sealants have a wide range of benefits. For one, your stone will look so much better when our sealants are applied. Regardless of what type of stone surface you apply our sealant to, you can be sure that the effects will be of the highest quality possible.

In addition, our sealants also lead to longer-lasting stone surfaces. Essentially, driveways, patios, pool copings, and sidewalks could all greatly benefit from our sealants as they will be much brighter than before.

One thing that can be forgotten is the effect that weather has on the look and life of stone surfaces. For example, rain can significantly erode stone surfaces. Fortunately, our products use CLT to create a preventative bond. You should note that moisture can be repelled, which leads to longer-lasting stones. Simply put, other sealants can’t compare when it comes to our exceptional, cutting-edge products.

Since moisture is repelled with our Cross-linking technology, you’ll protect your stone surfaces from discolorations like algae, fungi, and mold. You’ll no longer have to spend unnecessary time and money to remove unattractive features from your stone. With us on your side, you’ll save money and time with TSSPRO Sealants, the premium stone seal provider.

Sealing Tile Floors

We deliver great results every time.

Benefits of Paver Sealants

Whether it’s pavers on your driveway, walkway, pool deck, or lanai, exposure to contaminants and heavy foot traffic can lead to the deterioration of your pavers’ appearance. Fortunately, our self-cleaning nanotechnology is an excellent option for keeping your paver looking great for many years to come.

TSSPRO Sealants has the experience to make sure you are getting the best results possible. Our coatings protect and shield pavers from harsh substances. Additionally, our products protect it from stains such as soda, juice, gum adhesion, and more.

Sealing and re-sealing your pavers is one of the most important aspects of home maintenance. The coating of stone sealers enhance the brightness of the color of your pavers, and it will enable the pavers to maintain the brightness over a long period of time.

By sealing your pavements, you’re protecting it, cleaning it, and maintaining its beauty for much longer. Furthermore, sealing gives your pavers a protective coating. Essentially, if you stain it with oil or grease, it is much easier to remove when properly sealed.

So you can see that sealing your pavers is really the best way to keep your patios, driveway, or walkways clean and attractive. Our paver sealants leave a clear gloss finish, making the color brighter, in addition to repelling grease and oil stains. All in all, sealing your pavers helps promote durability, longevity, and the overall beauty of the paved areas.

Products for Every Stone Surface

Finding the right type of stone sealant for your surface is a very important part of the process. Different products have different effects and types of uses. All in all, the right type of sealant can go a long way in maximizing the effectiveness of your sealant.

Whether you’re looking for a water repellent sealer, deep-penetrating sealer, water-based sealer, or wet look natural stone sealers, we have the product for you. Check out some of the great products we have available for you.

TSSPRO 100 – Natural Look Sealer

  • Weather Proof,
  • Prevents saltwater erosion
  • Applications include masonry patios, pool coming/decks, walls, walkways, waterfalls, and other landscaping structures
Sealers for Pavers

Sealers for Pavers

This industry-tested, quality sealant is an excellent option for those looking for protection against saltwater erosion and staining. Furthermore, this sealant is deep-penetrating, high coverage, solvent-based silicone sealant. Chemically designed to prevent water erosion and water-based stains, this sealant is also great for retaining the natural look of stone.

TSSPRO 200 – High-Performance Sealer

  • Prevents saltwater erosion
  • Preserves stone
  • Resilient and long-lasting
  • Cures with a natural, matte finish

This one-of-a-kind sealer offers unique and long-lasting protection. Heavy duty in nature, the solvent-based sealer, is especially great for porous tones. Cutting-edge in its chemical makeup, the TSSPRO 200 contains high-actives. It offers deep-penetration, high-performance, and a long-lasting sealer guarantee.

TSSPRO 500 – Water Based Enhancing Sealer

This product is VOC Compliant and is available nationwide. The TSSPRO 500 is an excellent option for deep-color enhancement on a variety of substrates and for premium protection on concrete, masonry, stucco, cast stone, mortar grout joints, plaster, and other porous substrates. Additionally, this product offers:

  • Deep, vibrant color enhancement
  • Protection against saltwater erosion, resistance to pool chemicals
  • Extremely strong beading – breathable
  • Deep-penetration
  • Protection for flagstone, limestone, sandstone, moss rock, and other extremely porous substrates

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