Sealing Products for Stone Surfaces

If you’re looking for Sealing Products for Stone Surfaces, you can count on TSS PRO Sealants. We focus our energy and time on providing the highest quality of cleaning, sealing, and restoration services for natural stone surfaces.

With over 15 years of experience in sealant application, you can rest easy knowing that our services. You can rest easy knowing that our services will be of the highest quality possible. In lamens terms, we don’t do second-best. Every project and service we provide leads to great results, every time. Here’s a general overview of what you’ll get when choosing us as your Sealing Products for Stone Surfaces Experts.

About Our Process

Sealing Products for Stone Surfaces

Sealing Products for Stone Surfaces

We understand the importance of completing the sealing project the correct way, which is why we’ve created a method that helps us get the results our clients deserve, every single time. Moreover, we work with various types of surfaces, including travertine, marble, slate, and granite. One thing you should note, too, is that the most common type of stone used in outdoor patios, decks, and outdoor patios is flagstone.

The term “flagstone” doesn’t just refer to a type of stone. It actually refers to the cut of the stone. Sealing and cleaning stone surfaces is very beneficial in terms of prolonging life and preserving the natural beauty, especially for surfaces that experience heavy amounts of foot traffic.

Simply put, heavy amounts of foot traffic can cause heavy wear and tear in entryways and hallways. Additionally, with the natural passing of time, your stone surfaces will suffer from buildups of dirt and scratches. Professional stone sealing and restoration companies can help by restoring your stone surfaces. They do so through the removal of dirt and scuff marks that will come to restore the flooring’s original color. This results in a brand new look.

Additionally, sealing your stone surfaces can protect them from spills and scratches, making them super easy to clean and overall easy to deal with.

Types of Flooring We Work With

  • Marble
  • Concrete
  • Tile
  • Travertine
  • Slate
  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Brick
  • Saltillo Tile
  • Hardwood

Slate Maintenance

Slate is one of the more popular options for flooring because of its earthy and organic appearance. As a metamorphic stone, slate is formed when physical and chemical changes occur in an existing rock when exposed to extreme heat or pressure. Moreover, the slate stone is extremely soft, making it very easy to scratch and chip at the edges and corners.

Investing in the sealing of your slate is essential when it comes to minimizing stains, scratches, and long-term protection. Although varied in terms of colors, slate is easily damaged permanently through spalling and staining.

Outdoor Tile Maintenance

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While outdoor tile flooring is an extremely popular choice, it can be very arduous in terms of its cleaning process. Generally speaking, this type of flooring is either porcelain or ceramic. Ceramic tiles are made from white or red clay and fired in a kiln.

They are extremely absorbent and prone to heavy amounts of erosion. Porcelain tiles have an extremely high density and, as opposed to ceramic tiles that are made up of dust pressing.

Protecting Concrete Surfaces

Concrete flooring is an excellent choice for economic reasons. They can be dyed to customize their appearance. Concrete flooring is formed by mixing cement and pouring it onto the floor. Pigments are usually added during the process of mixing. Moreover, concrete is porous and able to absorb moisture when not sealed according to the correct application process.

Water can seep into the pores, harboring unattractive growth of mold and mildew. Concrete can also potentially crack when exposed to freezing temperatures. Fortunately, when we apply heavy-duty sealants, we’re adding long-term protection.

Maintaining Grout on Flooring

Grout flooring is used on bathroom walls, bathroom flooring, showers, backsplashes, and even countertops. One negative about grout is the difficulty it causes when aiming to clean it. This is particularly the case when dealing with a light color. Accumulations of dirt, mold, and contaminates can happen as grout is a mixture of water, cement, and sand, making it extremely porous.

Hardwood Flooring Sealing & Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, hardwood flooring is one of the hardest kinds to maintain. They require periodic service that helps tremendously when retaining its natural beauty and maintaining it’s overall quality. As time passes, dirt becomes embedded in the grain of the wood. This leads to an appearance that is dull from all the fine scratches.

Professional hardwood flooring sealing and maintenance are essential when it comes to the removal of residue on the surface, leaving the wood’s rich, natural color. All in all, the best bet when it comes to hardwood flooring is opting for the most trusted Sealing Products for Stone Surfaces Experts around. Enter TSS PRO Sealants.

Advanced Cross-linking Technology

Here at TSS PRO Sealants, we don’t just talk about being the best at what we do. For one, we use highly-durable sealants. These sealants prevent water from penetrating the stone, helping them last for many years to come.

In addition to extending the stone’s life and enhancing their aesthetic, waterproofing and stain-proofing helps in terms of keeping bacteria and mold out of these areas so they won’t cause damage later on in the process. These CLT sealants create an unsurpassable barrier against moisture. We’ve spent countless hours on the development of these sealants and will get you the results you deserve every single time.

McAllen TX Flagstone Sealers

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These CLT sealants work greatly as polymer chains link with each other and the stone’s molecular chain. These nano-scale bonds are extremely powerful. Moreover, they form a matrix that helps resist moisture.

Moreover, silicon-oxygen backbone chains formed by our sealers will provide protection for many years to come. We believe that our services and products are so great that we offer a 7-year warranty.

Sealing Products for Stone Surfaces Experts

Remember, neglecting the sealing and maintenance of your stone surfaces is one thing you should stray away from. Instead, call the Sealing Products for Stone Surfaces Experts here at TSS PRO Sealants. If you wish to learn more about our many products, call us at (888) 958-0556. Moreover, visit our Online Store or CLT webpages for more information. Regardless of your situation, you won’t find better Sealing Products for Stone Surfaces anywhere else.