Sealing Your Pool Coping

Posted on March 15, 2019 by TSS Pro Sealants

Do you have a pool at home? Sealing your pool coping is essential, then. This may not have occurred to you before. You may have no idea what your options are or even what a coping is. That’s ok, we don’t expect you to be pool experts. That’s why we’ve created this informational blog for your convenience. We’ll talk about what a pool coping is, the benefits of sealing, and the sealing products we have available for you at TSS Pro Sealers.

What is Pool Coping?

You might be thinking to yourself, “Coping? Are you implying my pool has hurt feelings?” No, it is a pool. The coping is simply the technical name for the ledge surrounding your pool. It is exposed to water, sun, cold, heat, and chlorine all day long. Regardless of what it’s made with, such as stone, concrete, or tile, it needs protection. Otherwise, you could end up shelling money out of your wallet to repair it.

sealed flagstone pool coping and boy with his dog

Keep your loved ones safe

Now, why should you seal it?

The decking material surrounding your pool is highly susceptible to salt and chlorine damage. As you know, these materials are used to disinfect pool water. Applying a sealant it can ensure your coping lasts. In the case the material around your pool is very smooth, consider adding grit to prevent slipping. Accidents due to falling in or near the pool can have big consequences!

Damage related to chlorine or saltwater on your pool deck can lead to many issues. Your coping could crumble or flake off into the pool, then creating a sediment build-up in your filtration systems. Calcium deposits can also cause unsightly spots, or your coping may stain. If you want your pool deck to remain intact and beautiful, you need a sealant.

Another benefit of sealing your pool deck is mold and mildew prevention! Mold and mildew are dangerous substances that can render your pool a quarantine zone. You don’t want your pool to turn into a swamp.

About TSS Pro Sealers

The experts at TSS Pro became frustrated with most popular brands of sealants which were not as effective as they promised, so they made their own. Their team developed the recipe for TSSPRO 100, which was their first sealant. Anyone with that amount of initiative has got to be the best in the market. The sealant is designed to be used over stone, tile, and concrete, making it multi-purpose.

Let’s take a look at some of our results.

Limestone Sealer Dallas

Before and after on mold stained limestone

Look at that difference! But what exactly happened here?

Well, all the dark splotches you see in the first photo were caused by mold and mildew. Gross! This had to be carefully removed by professionals. After the stone was cleaned, we added TSSPRO natural limestone sealer to protect it year round from all kinds of damage. What a renovation!


Dallas Slate Sealing

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