Specialty Sealer For Flagstone Surfaces

Your search for a Specialty Sealer For Flagstone Surfaces can end today with TSSPro Sealants. Flagstone is a beautiful addition to any home. These sedimentary and metamorphic rocks can transform your outdoor patio into a stunning place to relax in the evenings. Additionally, this is a stone that comes in many patterns and tones.

However, if a homeowner does not maintain their flagstone features, they could end up with damage. Fortunately, TSSPro Sealants has a long line of specialty sealants that makes maintaining them easy. One of these sealants is the TSSPro 100. This is a unique product that is exceptionally long-lasting.

This sealer is an excellent water repellent and protects against harmful UV rays. Moreover, this is an isopropyl-based sealant that penetrates deeper and protects surfaces more effectively. Please call our team of stone sealer experts to get a natural stone sealant that works best for you. Our number is (888)-958-0556! Take the first steps to protect your surfaces’ beauty and color with a Specialty Sealer For Flagstone Surfaces.

Specialty Sealer For Flagstone Surfaces

The TSSPro 100 is a Specialty Sealer For Flagstone Surfaces.

Specialty Sealer For Flagstone Surfaces | TSSPro Sealants

The TSSPro 100 is a sealer that protects flagstone, pavers, and concrete. Additionally, it’s isopropyl-based, which allows it to go deeper into the stone. The majority of sealers in commercial retails stores are water-based. Therefore, they don’t do as good a job as ours. This advantage makes our product unique and lasts longer than many sealers you’d find. 

This sealer is also in a class of its own because it protects your stone or masonry surfaces from extreme weather. Natural stone, such as flagstone and its many variants, is very durable and has been popular for decades. Despite this, many homeowners are unaware of the sun’s significant damage, and the weather can have on them. 

Fortunately, we engineer our high-quality sealers with this issue in mind. The sun’s UV rays are very powerful, especially during the scorching summer months. If your stone surfaces are out in the open without a sealant, the chances are that the sun is causing them to lose their color and strength. The TSSPro 100 offers surfaces a natural, matte finish.

Not only that, this unique sealer is excellent for overall weatherproofing. Since this is a solvent-based polymer sealer, you can expect incredible protection from the elements. Flagstone is permeable, which means it’s more porous than other stone surfaces such as marble tile and tile bricks. As a result, water can easily seep into your flagstone.

Lastly, this is not a color enhancing sealant. After application, your surfaces will have their original natural look. This general-purpose sealer will allow your pool decks, patios, and more to keep looking fabulous. Flagstone surfaces make your home look beautiful, so you should do everything to preserve your home’s aesthetic. 

Specialty Sealer For Flagstone Surfaces

Flagstone is a porous stone, so you should use a sealant that can help it repel water.

Our Sealers Use CrossLinking Nano Technology

Another advantage you get with our products is that we use CrossLinking Nano Technology. The phrase CrossLinking is commonly used in chemistry. CrossLinking refers to a chemical process where two polymers attach themselves and develop ultra-strong bonds. After they connect, a matrix forms between our sealer and your stone surface. 

In turn, your surfaces will have an effective, translucent barrier that repels water and salt water erosion. TSSPro Sealants understands the importance of using CrossLinking Nano Technology for your surfaces. We combine our passion and advanced scientific techniques to deliver specialty sealants you won’t get anywhere else. 

However, there are still more advantages to this technology. For example, our sealants help lengthen the life of your natural stone sealants. Heavy rain and exposure to the elements can quickly wear out your surfaces. Moreover, by maintaining your natural stone surface with a sealant, you don’t have to worry about constant resealing.

Additionally, CrossLinking Nano Technology plays a significant role in helping your surfaces have the natural look they once had. Besides our use of CrossLinking Nano Technology, our sealants dry rapidly, which makes them convenient. In approximately an hour after application, your surfaces will be ready for foot traffic. 

Lastly, the TSSPro 100 is effective at protecting flagstone surfaces around your pool area. The reason for this is that we designed this sealant to be resistant to common pool chemicals. Pool areas such as decks and patios are the areas that are most susceptible to damage from water. However, our CrossLinking Nano Technology helps reduce harm. For a Specialty Sealer For Flagstone Surfaces, give us a call. 

Specialty Sealer For Flagstone Surfaces

TSSPro Sealants has sealers that have CrossLinking Nano Technology!

TSSPro Sealants Has A Wide Variety Of Sealants! 

As you can see, this is a sealer that goes above and beyond for your flagstone surfaces. It’s essential to choose the right sealant for your home. Many sealers in retail stores claim they can handle all types of stones and help with every problem. However, our experience tells us that the best way to help your stone is with a specialty sealant. 

Unfortunately, failure to maintain your surfaces can cause them to look dull. As a result, the look of your home can be less than ideal. Not only that, using the wrong sealer can result in yellowing and more harm to your stone surfaces. Please tell our team what your stone surface is and what the problem you’re having. Afterward, we will recommend a sealant that can help maintain your surfaces a lot easier.

The TSSPro 100 is an excellent sealant for those who want to embark on a DIY project. It’s both easy to apply and cures quickly, so you save time and money. Homeowners and contractors alike can apply this product with a pump-up spray, roller, or brush. When you use the TSSPro 100, you must follow all correct application procedures.

For example, you have to ensure that the area you want to seal is free of dirt or debris. More importantly, you have to ensure it’s free of moisture. Flagstone surfaces can stun your guests and give your home a sense of elegance. To avoid this issue, please speak with one of our experts at (888)-958-0556! We’re based in Houston but serve across the nation. TSSPro Sealants is proud to deliver a Specialty Sealer For Flagstone Surfaces that you’ll love.