Specialty Sealer For Limestone Surfaces

If you are searching for a Specialty Sealer For Limestone Surfaces, call TSSPro Sealants. We understand that limestone surfaces can transform the exterior look of your home. Limestone and its variations, such as Lueders limestone, are beautiful additions to your home. However, stone with porous surfaces is susceptible to damage over time. We are based in Houston but serve across the nation.

Fortunately, TSSPro Sealants has the solution. We have the best line of water repellent sealers to protect your marble, limestone, and stone surfaces. The TSSPro 100WB is a unique product and stone sealer that goes above and beyond your stone surfaces. For example, it has rapid drying times and lasts longer than many sealers in retail stores.

Additionally, this specialty sealer is water-based. Because of this, your natural stone tiles, pavers, limestone, and more will have an invisible barrier. Moreover, this product has CrossLink Nano Technology, which offers your surfaces deep penetration. Lastly, this is a VOC compliant product. TSSPro Sealants helps homeowners and business owners maintain limestone surfaces.

Please make sure to call our staff at (888)-958-0556 to get this fantastic sealer today. Searching for a Specialty Sealer For Limestone Surfaces has never been easier.

Specialty Sealer For Limestone Surfaces

The TSSPro 100WB is a great Specialty Sealer For Limestone Surfaces.

Specialty Sealer For Limestone Surfaces | TSSPro 100WB

Since the TSSPro 100WB is a modified silicone-based sealant, you can expect optimal protection. This sealer works because it is a near-impenetrable barrier between the surface of moisture from the outside. It’s one of the most efficient impregnating sealers we have. Furthermore, it works excellent against other elements, such as saltwater erosion and UV rays. We highly recommend using this sealer on limestone surfaces such as:

  • Lueders Limestone
  • Oklahoma Limestone
  • French Limestone
  • Austin Stone
  • French Limestone
  • Dolomitic Limestone
  • Indiana Limestone

However, you can use this product on all porous materials and stones. Furthermore, the TSSPro 100WB is not a color enhancing sealer. Instead, it leaves your beautiful limestone surfaces with a natural-look finish. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about this sealer altering your stone surfaces’ look. Many retail store sealers end up being acidic cleaners that can damage your stone surfaces.

The reason for this is because the sealer and stone were not suitable. Additionally, the stone might not have had a deep clean, which resulted in a damaged surface. TSSPro Sealants engineers specialty sealers that makes shopping for sealers for your specific stone and issues way easier. Not only that, this sealer is excellent if you want to weatherproof your exterior limestone surfaces.

Limestone is one of the most popular stones out there for homes and businesses. However, it’s incredibly absorbent. If you don’t seal this stone soon, stone impregnation from water can occur. As a result, your stunning surfaces can quickly deteriorate. The TSSPro 100WB allows you to have a sealer that helps prevent deterioration and efflorescence.

Another advantage of this long-lasting sealer is that you can apply it to damp surfaces. The TSSPro 100WB is an excellent Specialty Sealer For Limestone Surfaces.

TSSPro 100WB

Prevent efflorescence with this product!

Benefits And Features Of The TSSPro 100WB

As you can see, this is a sealer that does more than traditional retail store sealers. However, the features of this natural matte-finish sealer don’t end yet. You can expect protection on limestone surfaces around your pool areas. Since our sealer is very resistant to pool chemicals, you can apply it to your home and not worry about peeling.

Unlike other sealers that are only suitable with some substrates, this one is great for all surfaces. Whether you have porous stone surfaces like limestone, concrete, or flagstone, they’re all compatible with the TSSPro 100WB. Despite this, it’s always essential to make sure that you test the area before application.

If you want to protect your stone surfaces from the elements, this is the best way. People often underestimate the wear and tear the sun, and saltwater can have on stone surfaces. However, the damage UV rays can have are subtle and occur over time. Because of this, you may not be aware that your surfaces are deteriorating.

The reason for such durability is that our products utilize CrossLink Nano Technology. Crosslinking is often used in chemistry as a bonding process. Our sealants, including the TSSPro 100WB, have polymer chains that latch to polymer chains found in your stone surfaces. Afterward, they develop a durable matrix that repels water.

Specialty Sealer For Limestone Surfaces

TSSPro Sealants has a long line of specialty sealers that help maintain your stone surfaces.

Perfect For Home, Businesses, and DIY Projects

As you can see, there are many reasons why the TSSPro 100WB is an excellent sealant. You can use this fantastic sealer for a wide variety of projects around your home. Likewise, our sealer is excellent to help any limestone or porous stone surfaces for your business. Don’t let deteriorating stone surfaces hurt the image of your business.

The ideal temperature to apply our specialty sealer is 55 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, cleaning and sealing go hand-in-hand during the application process. You must ensure that the area you are trying to clean is free of debris or dirt. If you don’t do this, your application will not be as practical. Not only that, the cost of having to strip a poorly applied sealer can cost time and money.

You can also apply this water-based sealer with a roller, brush, or pump-up spray. Did we mention that this sealer only requires one coat? It’s true; this resilient sealant only needs to be applied once to get the job done. Even though it’s very long-lasting, you will eventually have to re-seal your area. However, you won’t have to remove the previous coat. After properly cleaning the area, you can apply the TSSPro 100WB over the last coat, and you’re done!

TSSPro Sealants understands that searching for the right sealer is time-consuming. We save you time by offering a unique product for your specific stone and issue. Our line of specialty sealers includes those that help with color enhancement, preventing stains, and more. Please call our sealant experts at (888)-958-0556 and let us know how we can serve you. Be proactive when it comes to maintaining the look of your home and natural stone surfaces. We’ll give you a Specialty Sealer For Limestone Surfaces that you will love.