Specialty Sealer For Preventing Flaking

If you’re looking for a Specialty Sealer For Preventing Flaking, call TSSPro Sealants. We help homeowners find a solution to prevent damage to their natural stone surfaces. The TSSPro 650 is a unique and long-lasting sealant that utilizes CrossLinking Nano Technology. As a result, you get a sealant that helps maintain the beauty of your stone surfaces. 

Natural stone has been popular for years due to how durable it can be. Despite this, environmental factors can diminish their strength and dull their appearance. Or worse, they can begin to flake severely. When this occurs, your best chance of restoring your stone surfaces is by calling our team. TSSPro Sealants will give you a strong densifier sealant that helps with stone deterioration. 

So, if you want to make a difference in your stone surfaces, call us at (888)-958-0556. Being a homeowner is not easy, and maintaining limestone, flagstone, and concrete can only make it harder. Fortunately, TSSPro Sealants is here to make it easy. Our company is family-owned and based in Houston. However, we serve individuals across the country. Get a Specialty Sealer For Preventing Flaking from us today!

Specialty Sealer For Preventing Flaking

The TSSPro 650 is a great Specialty Sealer For Preventing Flaking.

Specialty Sealer For Preventing Flaking | TSSPro Sealants

Many sealants found in commercial retailers offer a “one-stop” solution to protecting stone surfaces. However, our experience in the sealant industry tells us otherwise. Not all stone surfaces are the same. For example, sandstone is more porous than flagstone. Furthermore, your specific stone may have an issue with a particular problem. It makes more sense to use a specialty sealant to take care of your problem effectively. 

We highly advise customers not to use a generic brand sealant on their surfaces. First, you can misapply it, and this would result in the sealer yellowing or whitening up. Besides making your surfaces look unsightly, you could be damaging your surfaces even further. Our sealers are easy to apply and work as they should. Applying a subpar sealer means you must strip the previous sealer, which wastes your time and money. 

Make the right choice the first time! TSSPro Sealants dealt with subpar acrylic-based sealants. As a result, we began to engineer specialty sealants to maintain your surfaces better. Our sealants are both water-based and isopropyl-based, which means you have a wider selection of sealers than you would in a big box store. Additionally, our sealers are designed with CrossLinking Nano Technology

What this means is that our sealants work hard at the smallest molecular level. The polymers from our sealant attach to polymers from your specific stone and create hard-to-break bonds. In turn, you get superior protection from the elements. The TSSPro 650 is an extraordinary sealant that works best for surfaces that have severe flaking. You can use this sealant for high traffic areas, concrete surfaces, and more. 

Specialty Sealer For Preventing Flaking

Our sealers have CrossLinking Nano Technology to better protect your stone surfaces

Say Hello To The TSSPro 650 | A Densifier Sealant

Are you tired of looking at your flaking natural stone surfaces? Get the TSSPro 650 from TSSPro Sealants! This specialty sealant offers surfaces that are experiencing flaking the strength to look their best. Harsh weather, UV rays, and saltwater erosion can damage your surfaces significantly. When you don’t maintain your surfaces, it will only continue to get worse. This sealer infiltrates the surface of your stone and can penetrate anywhere from 4 to 8 inches. 

Furthermore, the TSSPro 650 is a unique product because it’s isopropyl-based. Since many sealers in stores are only water-based, they may not help your surfaces with the flaking they have. Besides that, you can expect a rapid curing time from this sealer. In approximately an hour, your surfaces will be ready for high foot traffic again. Despite being a durable material, deterioration can still occur to your surfaces. 

Indeed, this sealer is fantastic for DIY projects around the home. However, you should take preliminary steps to ensure you apply our sealers correctly. The TSSPro 650 is ready-to-use and is easy to apply. You can choose to use a roller, pump-up spray, or brush to apply this sealer over your surfaces. The ideal temperatures for application are 50 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Lastly, the TSSPro 650 offers incredible stabilization for surfaces that have flaking or chipping. TSSPro Sealants doesn’t recommend using this sealer on dense surfaces. The reason for this is the substrate will not absorb the sealer as well as a porous surface. The science behind how it works is that it replaces damaged binding materials caused by the environment. In turn, you get a more stable stone surface. Searching for a Specialty Sealer For Preventing Flaking just got easier. 

Specialty Sealer For Preventing Flaking

We have a long line of unique specialty sealants to rejuvenate your natural stone surfaces!

Call TSSPro Sealants For Unique Sealants That Last Longer!

As you can see, this sealer does more than what a retail store sealant could do. We engineer our sealers to combat your specific issues. Whether it’s flaking, chipping, or color enhancement, we always have something for you. This sealer has a small molecular structure and uses silane to go deeper into the stone. Afterward, it undergoes a chemical process in which silane changes into silicone dioxide. 

This chemical process is what helps your stone surfaces regain their strength. You can also use our sealer as a pretreatment sealer on areas that need cleaning and patching. However, you should not apply the TSSPro 650 on a surface that has a pre-existing sealant. By doing so, you could damage your stone even more than they are. Besides, they will develop a white haze. It’s essential to follow proper application procedures to get the best results. 

Additionally, moisture can severely affect its curing time. If you apply our sealer and notice puddling, you must back wipe it with a mop or something similar. However, if you apply it correctly, you will notice that this is the ideal sealant to prevent damage. For a sealant that densifies, strengthens, and lengthens the life of your stone surfaces, get the TSSPro 650. 

Please use a cleaning method to ensure your area is free of debris, dirt, and moisture. TSSPro Sealants creates specialty sealants for a wide variety of situations and stones. Whether you need something for flaking or something that offers a high gloss finish, we have something for you. Because of this, we are pioneers in our industry, and our reviews speak volumes of our hard work. So, if you want a Specialty Sealer For Preventing Flaking, the TSSPro 650 is one of your best options.