Stone Sealants

Looking for top-notch stone sealant providers that stay true to their word and produce excellent results every time? If this is you, then TSS PRO Sealants is your answer. We are pioneers in our industry and have been in business for over 15 years. Our services, as well as our products, are top-notch and unrivaled.

With our long history in the industry, we have seen and used it all. However, after years of using the same flaky, milky, and chipped products, we grew tired of the poor-quality we were seeing. Our solution was to create our own product that is superior to all others. Thus, TSS PRO 100, our first formula was born.

Our services come highly recommended because our work speaks for itself. There is no project that we cannot do. Our team of professional stone cleaners and sealers are ready to service your needs. We service homes, commercial properties, communities, and are a vendor for many property management companies and homeowners’ associations.

TSS Pro Sealants specializes in developing and selling high-quality stone sealants. We dedicate time and effort to achieve the best results for all of our clients. Our sealants work on natural stone, pool decks, stone decks, and more. Good sealants can be hard to come by so obtaining long-lasting sealants can be difficult.

Stone Sealants

Stone Sealants

Superior Stone Sealants

There are a significant number of benefits that come from having a home that is properly cleaned and sealed. High-quality sealing helps to preserve the appearance and longevity of your floors. Homeowners find this to be a worthwhile investment for many reasons.

High-traffic areas such as the kitchen, hallways, and bathrooms are prone to spills, dirt and general wear and tear. Improperly sealed or unsealed flooring that endures exposure to this over time can produce mold and algae.

Because of their exposure to the elements, outdoor decks and flooring are even more so at risk of this. Our sealing products, as well as pressure washing, can restore your outdoor areas to look brand new. For homeowners with backyard pools, high-quality sealants are a must because saltwater can erode stone overtime.

Whether you require stone cleaning, stone sealing, or general work for your deck patio walkways, Texas Stone Sealers are only a phone call away. Don’t leave sealing flagstone and cleaning swimming pool copings to an inferior product. Call us today and receive the best.

Stone Sealing the High-Quality Way

Stone is a popular outdoor, decorative home feature. Whether it is a stone patio, a stone pool deck or even outdoor stone fireplaces are common elements of most traditional homes today. Most homeowners go for stone because it is a classy look that will last. However, stone still needs to be maintained because of its exposure to weather.

Using the proper sealant allows for the stone to breathe while simultaneously protecting it from moisture and other debris. Stones surrounding pools are especially at risk. Exposure to saltwater speeds up the erosion process. Getting your stone cleaned and sealed will restore it to its natural beauty for many years to come.

Other sealants require you to strip it and reseal every few years. Our product offers peace-of-mind. TSS PRO sealants are some of the best on the market. Our sealant formula will save you money because you can keep an enhanced seal for longer.

Our products can handle any projects you have. Whether you have a pool deck that needs a reliable TSS PRO sealant, a natural stone fireplace sealant, or more, TSS has got you covered. Anyone can say that their product is the best, but not many have the proof to back it up. We do.

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TSS delivers great results every time.

Our Products Are Unique

TSS uses only the best formulas that promise clients long-lasting, great results. TSS PRO produces the most advanced sealant on the market. We utilize Cross-Link Technology, a process in which a polymer chain links to other polymer chains, including the molecular chain of the stone.

These nano-scale bonds are what create the resistance to moisture longterm. Our sealants last longer because of cross-linking technology. In addition, a benefit anyone can enjoy is that our sealants save you money. General maintenance and upkeep of stone are not cheap, but TSS PRO makes it easy.

Longer-lasting sealant means you do not have to reseal as often, and unwanted discoloration, mold, and algae are kept off of your stone. When you consider other products out there, many of them claim the same, but this is untrue. When you choose TSS PRO, you are choosing professional, quality and durable sealant that last. Who doesn’t want that?

Purchasing a lesser product that flakes, chips or leaks could leave you having to spend more time and money restarting your projects. Do not settle for an inferior sealant. With us, you get what you pay for. TSSPRO gets the job done right the first time. Save money and time with TSS PRO sealants, a premium stone seal. We promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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If you are looking to end your search for the best cleaners, sealers, and restoration contractors,  contact Texas Stone Sealers today. Our team of professional stone cleaners and sealers are available to you in as little as a phone call. We handle commercial properties, communities, and are a vendor for many property management companies and homeowners’ associations. Get in touch with us by calling (888) 958-0556. You can also visit our online store for the full catalog of TSSPRO sealants.

If you want to grow your business, contact us today for our contractor program. You can learn more about our stone, slate, brick, sandstone, travertine, and VOC restrictions, by contacting the experts today. Don’t settle on anything less than excellence. Here at TSS PRO Sealants, we focus on top-quality products, cutting-edge technology, and a consistent and rigorous commitment to excellence.

Simply put, you shouldn’t let your stone surfaces fade away as time passes. Instead, acquire the most effective Stone Sealants today. We look forward to hearing from you and getting you a product that delivers every time.