What Are the Benefits of a Stone Sealer?

Posted on June 28, 2023 by TSS Pro Sealants

A commercial-grade stone sealer can prevent many problems from encroaching on natural stone surfaces. Although natural stones are durable and long-lasting, the onslaught of harsh light, fervent rain, blistering winds, and accidental spills can cause these stones to fade into disrepair. However, a proper stone sealer can protect and prevent damage from completely ruining your stone surfaces. It’s time to help your stone take a stand – it’s time to equip it with a sealer from TSS Pro Sealants’ online store.

What are the Benefits of a Stone Sealer?

Your natural stone surfaces can benefit from a strong stone sealer. Check out what TSS Pro Sealants has to offer in that regard.

What a Stone Sealer Brings to the Floor

A general stone sealer serves as a shield against the elements and prevents water damage, stains, and general wear and tear. A commercial-grade stone sealer can do more than that. Take the selection from TSS Pro Sealants, for example. Our stone sealants can provide the following benefits for your stone surfaces:

  • Water resistance or tolerance (depends on the type of stone)
  • UV protection and color fade resistance
  • Resistance against mold, mildew, and efflorescence
  • Stain resistance (against household liquids, oils, leaves, etc.)
  • Protection against general wear and tear caused by weathering
  • Protection against water damage (e.g., freeze/thaw cycles, etc.)
  • Enhances color & strengthens substrates

Of course, no stone sealer is a one-and-done deal. Although there are stone sealants that can work for multiple natural stones, there isn’t one that’s one-size-fits-all. Different types of stone need different types of protection. For example, travertine surfaces are highly susceptible to stains but not efflorescence.

You’ll want to choose the right stone sealer for the right type of stone. Luckily, TSS Pro Sealants has one of the widest varieties of stone sealants in the market. You can find almost any type of sealant in our online store.

What are the Benefits of a Stone Sealer?

TSS Pro Sealants has one of the largest selections of specialty stone sealants!

The TSS Pro Sealants Difference

TSS Pro Sealants’ goal is to leave no stone unsealed! That means we need high-quality sealants to thoroughly protect the stone they’re meant to guard. Every sealant in our online store has the TSS Pro Sealant stamp of approval.

Each stone sealer was designed with Nano Cross-Linking Technology (Nano CLT). Nano CLT is a chemical process that bonds two materials to form a tight matrix.

We implemented this technology with our sealants to ensure that your stone surfaces will be tightly protected from anything damaging that tries to penetrate the surface. This technology also ensures that our commercial-grade sealants will last longer and provide more than the generic brands from big-box stores. If you want to see how it works before you fully invest in a larger amount, you can try any two of our products through our Sample Pack!

Our sealants last three to four times longer than the competition. Not to mention, our sealants won’t yellow when they cure and won’t flake off after some time, leaving your stone unprotected. And most of our sealants are VOC-compliant and environmentally friendly, with warranties of up to 7 years. Order a stone sealer from our online store now and leave no stone unsealed!