Stone Surface Sealers

If you’re looking for the best Stone Surface Sealers around, you can count on TSS PRO Sealants. Our team has been developing the best stone surface sealers for years now. So if you have a patio, deck, porch, or outdoor area made of natural stone, our team can definitely help you with the best cleaning and sealing products around.

Our team of restoration and maintenance pros can keep your outdoor patio or deck in the best condition possible. Call us today for a free estimate or to request a service.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a popular and timeless choice for homeowners that want to build decks, patios, driveways, waterfalls, and pool copings. Stone tile is overall a very popular choice. Unlike wooden decks and patios that require staining and painting to dress them up, natural stones are beautiful in itself. Tiles made of rock will help create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor living area. We clean and seal stone patios that are built with all types of natural stone and man-made materials.

Often times, homeowners choose natural stone as they are well aware of how long they will last. Additionally, stone tiles for patios and pools are not a trend, as they remain stylish regardless of time or season.

Stone Surface Sealers

Stone Surface Sealers

Some of the most popular building materials used in the architectural design include sandstone, flagstone, marble, and travertine. These options still remain some of the most popular building materials for homes today. Stone porches and sun decks are also very popular but have to be protected.

Seal stone decking and stone porch with a heavy-duty sealant that allows the stone to breathe, while inhibiting the absorption of moisture, oil, and harsh chemicals. Other popular uses for outdoor stone are fire pits, outdoor kitchens, porch columns, outdoor fireplaces, and fountains.

Pavers are another popular choice for outdoor patios and deck designs. Even though they are called paver stone, this type of stone is actually a combination of cement and concrete mixed with coloring. Pavers are an extremely popular choice for outdoor flooring in areas such as patios and driveways, in addition to being way more affordable than natural stone and also very durable.

Why Natural Stone Tiles are Vulnerable

Although stone like limestone, slate, travertine, flagstone, and sandstone is indeed made to be outdoors, each of these stone types still requires special care in order to ensure its natural beauty is maintained. While some stone types can be harvested outdoors, they are typically either mined from underground homes and natural habitats that provide ideal conditions for their preservation.

When these stone surfaces are taken from these conditions and subjected to harsher environments, certain types of stone can sustain damage and staining. Patios, waterfalls, and decks are all exposed to the elements, leaving it vulnerable to both mold and mildew. In addition, they are also vulnerable to calcification, calcium efflorescence, staining, and spalling.

We have several TSS PRO sealants available, so call us to see which one will work best for the type of stone you are dealing with. Accent pool copings take on an especially rough beating. The stone used in decks and patios is exposed to extreme environmental conditions in the extreme heat and cold of Texas, while stone used in pool copings are also at the mercy of harsh chemicals, such as saltwater and chlorine.

We recommend sealing patios, pool copings, and even indoor stone for the longest protection possible. It’s very important that you seal your outdoor stone patios, and protecting your indoor flooring is equally as important. The proper sealing and cleaning of stone tile and grout every few years will keep it in great condition for many years to come.

Stone Sealing

There are various types of stone surfaces that we deal with on a consistent basis. Our Stone Surface Sealers are here to help. Simply put, we always strive to give our clients the best level of services around at the best prices in the market.

Our team of experienced technicians paired with quality sealants provides clients with great protection for many years to come. Additionally, if you’re using porous stones for your pool decks, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the best cleaning and sealing services around.

Texas Stone Sealers

Sealing and Cleaning Stone

When stone surfaces get in contact with water and chlorine, they’re likely to deteriorate as time passes. This is why high-quality sealants can be of great assistance, particularly after a proper heavy-duty cleaning service. Choosing to neglect the proper cleaning and sealing of your services will shorten the lifespan of the surface. Solve this trouble by contacting the Stone Surface Sealers experts here at TSS PRO Sealants.

Getting the Job Done

When sealing your stone surfaces, the TSS PRO-100 is one of the highest quality products around. The product is an all-natural sealer, while also being alcohol-based. Moreover, this product is applicable to flagstone, limestone, travertine, and other types of porous stones.

The great thing about the sealants is how they lead to a matte finish after drying and curing. Additionally, it’s one of the more popular sealants in the market today. Moreover, we love the fact that the products we use always to satisfy the customer. They help remove splotches and marks on a consistent basis. They do all this without causing any damage to the surface.

Experienced and Professional

While it’s possible for you to complete these projects by yourself, the best bet always is to hire an experienced and professional company, such as TSS PRO Sealants. The reason for that is that, frankly, a common person won’t know how to get the best results.

For one, there are various types of sealants that you can choose from in the market currently. For those that lack proper knowledge of the market, it will be difficult to find the best one for their specifications. When you choose TSS PRO Sealants, you’re getting a professional and experienced crew ready to help you.

Stone Surface Sealers

We Will Help You

Water absorbs into porous structures.

Getting the right Stone Surface Sealers provider is essential in keeping your stone surfaces in the best condition possible. Make sure to contact one of our friendly representatives today. You can reach out to us by calling (888) 958-0556. You can learn more by browsing our Online Store and CLT webpages. Trust us. You won’t find better Stone Surface Sealers anywhere else.