The Science Behind TSSPRO 200

Posted on July 31, 2019 by TSS Pro Sealants

Our high-performance sealant, TSSPRO 200, is expertly designed to provide superior stone protection and erosion prevention. We believe that our sealant outperforms others on the market not solely based on our own experience, but because we have science on our side. By looking at other examples in nature, you can get a better idea of how our sealant performs when it comes into contact with water and contaminants. By mimicking the properties of certain natural materials, TSSPRO 200 is able to act as a long-lasting, self-cleaning sealant for porous stones and materials.

TSSPRO200 is extremely water-repellent and erosion-resistant.

TSSPRO 200 Has Superhydrophobicity

Each surface, from untreated stone to human skin, has its own affinity to water. Porous substances, known as hydrophilic or “water loving”, absorb water and contaminants. On the other hand, hydrophobic (water repelling) substances resist water penetration. TSSPRO 200 is identified as a superhydrophobic substance, which offers the greatest degree of water repellency possible. That is, water is unable to penetrate the sealant at all.

What Does Superhydrophobicity Look Like?

At the microscopic level, superhydrophobic substances have an incredibly tiny surface area available for water to land. For example, the surface of the superhydrophobic leaves on the lotus flower consists of tiny protuberances. They look like tiny spikes. These spikes have a hydrophobic layer. Furthermore, they are the perfect width, height, and closeness together that the water can’t find an area to sit. When the available surface area is reduced to such an effect, only two to three parts of the water droplet can even come into contact with the surface. Thus, water and contaminants just roll off of the surface. This produces the self-cleaning effect that makes TSSPRO 200 so great.

Benefits of Superhydrophobicity

Besides the ease of maintenance due to the product’s ability to practically clean itself, there are quite a few other benefits of TSSPRO 200 sealant. Substances can’t penetrate the sealant as easily as they might with other sealants. That’s why our product lasts much longer than other stone sealants on the market. This also means that your stone maintains a pristine appearance, especially when compared to untreated surfaces. TSSPRO 200 saves you a lot of time that you might have spent on re-applications and stone restoration if you were to choose an inferior sealant.

Sandstone Sealant

You need TSSPRO200 if you want your stone sealant application to last.

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We offer our TSSPRO 200 sealant in 1-quart, 1-gallon, and 5-gallon quantities. This sealant is an all-around high-performance sealant for a variety of stones and porous substrates. We also offer a variety of sealants that suit many different substances and types of projects.