Topical or Penetrative: Why Not Both?

Posted on September 30, 2019 by TSS Pro Sealants

Stone sealants can be divided into two primary categories: penetrative and topical. As their names suggest, the former gets into the pores of the stones and the latter rests on top of the surface. For that reason, you’ll use each type for a different purpose. Penetrative sealants offer superior protection because they change the porosity of the stone. Water is unable to bead on the surface, and the stone also becomes more resistant to corrosion. Topical sealants, on the other hand, provide more surface appeal. Some topical sealants apply a more glossy quality, while others preserve a natural, more matte, effect.

The best type of sealant for the job at hand depends on a variety of factors. The client’s goals, how they want the stone to look, and how long they expect the sealant application to last are all important considerations. Fortunately, TSSPRO products are made to last years longer than competing sealants. Furthermore, our product line features sealant options that can satisfy just about any aesthetic need. However, there is one thing you’ll want to consider before making a final decision; knowing the answer to this question makes it pretty clear why you should choose TSSPRO for your next sealant application job.

TSSPRO 300 Wet Look Low Sheen Sealer

A protective sealant that also looks great once cured!

Has The Stone Been Sealed Before?

Few sealers work (for long) on stone that still holds remnants of previous sealant. But TSSPRO has products that increase your chances of success. One such product is our TSSPRO300.

You can use TSSPRO300 on previously coated stone, as well as stone that has never been sealed before. When it comes to previously-coated stone, the limitation of available products potentially limits your client’s choices. Flexible in both application and function, you can apply TSSPRO300 to get the best of both topical and penetrative sealants. Our one-of-a-kind formula combines acrylic and reactive silicone. As a result, our breathable sealant leaves stone with a rich, wet appearance. This sealant can be used on concrete, slate, stucco, and even more. Waterproof and fade-resistant, hard-to-seal stone can be preserved for years when you apply this product.

Available in various sizes!

Order TSSPRO300 Today!

Our TSSPRO300 sealant is a great product for would-be stone sealers on a budget. Don’t waste your money collecting a wide array of poor-performing sealants. This versatile product can seal a variety of surfaces in many different conditions. If you only had to pick one, you should pick the best. Call TSSPRO at (888) 958-0556 to order your new stone sealant