Travertine Cleaning

Travertine Cleaning is an essential part of owning a patio or surface made from Travertine. Although this is an exceptional type of stone, it is susceptible to all sorts of damage. With that in mind, our team at TSSPRO has created a variety of sealants and cleaning products to help restore and protect your stone surfaces. Our products have been specially formulated to offer maximum protection against erosion, mildew, cracks, and more.

Some stones are better for indoor use, while some are better for outdoor. Travertine, however, is a great choice for patios, pool coping, fireplaces, and more. As it is a porous rock type, it is more vulnerable to damage and keeping it in good condition presents a challenge. That is why maintaining your Travertine surface is so important.

Travertine Cleaning

Our expert sealants will protect your stone surfaces against a variety of problems.

Travertine Sealants

Travertine, although a beautiful stone, is susceptible to all sorts of damage. Mildew, water penetration, and staining are not uncommon in this type of stone. However, by using a stone sealer, your surfaces have a better chance of staying in great condition. What’s more, with the right sealant, you can prevent these issues from arising in the first place.

TSSPRO has created a vast supply of high-quality sealants for various stone types. We designed these expert formulas after being left unimpressed with store-bought sealant brands. When you use a TSSPRO sealant, you can expect effective solutions that extend your stone surfaces’ longevity.

Regarding Travertine stone, several of our sealants provide highly effective protection against algae, discoloration, and stains. Many of our sealants offer matte finishes or wet-look finishes. So depending on your personal preference, some of our sealants would be better than others. However, no matter which of our protects you choose, you can trust that your natural stone surfaces will remain looking newer for longer.

Of course, depending on how long you’ve had your Travertine surfaces, they may already be looking a little worse for wear. If that’s the case, there’s little point in sealing your stone after the damage has been done. Instead, you should invest in restoration services prior to applying one of our expert sealants. That way, your stone will look as good as new, and it can stay that way!

Travertine Cleaning

No matter if you use this stone for indoor or outdoor surfaces, it is vital you perform regular cleanings. Acidic substances are just one of many problems that Travertine stone faces, even more so if the surfaces around your pool are made from his type of stone. The majority of pool owners have chlorine pools. When the water splashes onto the surface, it may not seem like a big deal. However, that chlorine penetrates this stone type’s microscopic pores, resulting in serious damage and staining over time.

Additionally, harsh pool chemicals can sometimes spill, which can also cause immense damage to your travertine surfaces. This is where our sealants can protect your stone from harm. But first, you need to reverse prior damage to your stone. This is where frequent Travertine Cleaning is important. However, using the right cleaning product is also essential due to harsh chemicals and acidity levels.

Travertine Cleaning

Trust our expert team with your Travertine Cleaning and Sealing needs!

TSSPRO Cleaning Solutions

With that in mind, our TSSPRO 10 cleaning solution is a perfect choice, especially when paired with our TSSPRO 15. These solutions have been expertly formulated to restore your surfaces to their former glory.

Our TSSPRO 10 stone cleaner effectively removes dirt, grime, algae, stains, and lime deposits. This is extremely beneficial if your outdoor surfaces are made from this type of stone.

This product penetrates deep below the surface to offer a deep clean and remove stains. Our TSSPRO 15 is a neutralizing rinse you should use after our PRO 10 cleaner. This rinse is designed to safely remove the residue of the cleaning solution to protect against acidity damage.

Unfortunately, most stone cleaners out there have some sort of acidic element to them. As this can be harmful to Travertine, you want to find the right product for the job. With our expert products, you’ll be able to efficiently and effectively clean your Travertine floors and surfaces without risking acidity damage.

Sealing Travertine

If you have Travertine tiles inside your home rather than outside, you may not need an industrial cleaning solution. So long as you carry out frequent cleaning, you should be fine using warm water and mild soap for your surfaces. However, in order to ensure your stone stays in the best condition possible, you should still invest in our high-quality sealants.

By utilizing these products, you lessen the risk of your stone suffering stains, mildew, water damage, and more. What’s more, our Travertine sealants are all VOC compliant. So regardless of which finish you’d like for your stone surfaces, you can trust the team at TSSPRO to provide you with exceptional products and service every time. Contact our team today to learn some of the other protective qualities our sealants offer.

Travertine Cleaning

Our specialty sealers will enhance your stone surfaces’ natural look while protecting them from damage and stains!

TSSPRO Solutions & Products

To learn more about our sealants and cleaning solutions, call TSSPRO today. You won’t find formulas quite like ours at any other store. Our expert team has designed and tested our high-quality products, and these offer maximum protection and restoration of various stone types.

Don’t waste your money or time trying other Travertine Cleaning and sealing solutions when you can get the best with TSSPRO. Call today at (888) 958-0556, and our team will gladly recommend which of our products are best suited for your Travertine surfaces.

Additionally, if you have other stone surfaces throughout your home, we can help with those too!

We offer solutions for several stone types, from marble to concrete to sandstone and more. Don’t wait any longer before calling TSSPRO. We’ll have your stone surfaces restored and protected in no time. There’s no other company to trust with your Travertine Cleaning solutions.